University of Houston-Victoria


Interim Suspension

  • The Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs or designee may immediately suspend a student on an interim basis prior to a hearing when the Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs or designee has reasonable cause to believe that the student's presence on University premises, or at a University-related or registered student organization activity, poses a significant risk of substantial harm to the safety or security of any member of the University community or to property. The student may be immediately suspended from all or any portion of University premises, University-related activities or registered student organization activities. This temporary suspension will be confirmed in writing and shall remain in effect until the conclusion of a Disciplinary Conference or Hearing Board hearing, without undue delay, in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Rules.
  • The Hearing Officer will notify the student(s) of the interim suspension by issuing notice of interim suspension. This notice will include a statement of the regulation(s) that the student allegedly violated, a specific statement of the facts constituting the alleged violation, and will direct the student(s) to contact the Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs to schedule a Procedural Interview with the Hearing Officer within five business days of the notice. The notice will also include a copy of the Student Code of Conduct and/or the web address of the code. The Campus Police Sergeant or designee may issue the notice of interim suspension initially when there is reasonable cause to believe that the student(s) poses an immediate threat to the University community. In such cases, the Hearing Officer will subsequently issue notice of interim suspension pursuant to this section.
  • An extension to the requirement to schedule a meeting with the Hearing Officer within a five business day period may be granted by the Hearing Officer for good cause.
  • Students who fail to schedule the Procedural Interview within the five business day period outlined in Item 6.1 will be considered to have elected to proceed in the Student Disciplinary Procedures with a Disciplinary Conference.
  • If the sanction for a confirmed violation of the Code of Conduct is to suspend or expel the student, the sanction takes effect from the date of the interim suspension.
  • A student may appeal an interim suspension by submitting a written statement of appeal to the Vice President of Student Affairs. The Vice President of Student Affairs or designee will consider an appeal of an interim suspension on an expedited basis. The interim suspension will remain in effect for the duration of the appeal.