University of Houston-Victoria


Disciplinary Conference

The following procedural guidelines shall be applicable in Disciplinary Conferences with the Hearing Officer:

  • Written notice of the alleged violation(s) at least five business days prior to the scheduled conference, unless the respondent requests to proceed with the Disciplinary Conference at an earlier time.
  • The respondent is entitled to be accompanied and assisted by an advisor. An advisor may be an attorney, but who sits in an advisory capacity and who addresses the Hearing Officer only upon permission of the Hearing Officer. Respondents who wish to have an attorney attend the Disciplinary Conference as their advisor shall notify the Hearing Officer of the attorney’s name and contact information at least three business days prior to the Disciplinary Conference. If the respondent’s advisor is an attorney, the University may have a University attorney present at the Disciplinary Conference. An advisor may not appear in lieu of a respondent.
  • The right to have access to the case file at least three business days prior to and during the conference.
  • If a respondent fails to appear for a scheduled Disciplinary Conference, the Hearing Officer will proceed with investigating the complaint.
  • The Hearing Officer will investigate the complaint, including but not limited to; reviewing incident reports, reviewing witness statements, and interviewing witnesses. Before a decision is rendered, the respondent will be given an opportunity to respond to any new information obtained by the Hearing Officer during the investigation. If a respondent fails to appear for this meeting, the Hearing Officer will decide the case based upon the information obtained in the investigation.
  • The Hearing Officer will notify the respondent of the decision in writing within ten business days of the close of the investigation. The Hearing Officer will also make a copy of the decision available to the respondent in the Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs Office.