University of Houston-Victoria


Student Disciplinary Procedures

The purpose of these procedures is to provide for the orderly administration of the Student Code of Conduct consistent with the principles of due process of law. Reasonable deviations from these procedures will not invalidate a decision or proceeding.

Disciplinary Action Initiated

Any member of the University community may submit a written allegation of violation of the Prohibited Conduct Section of the Student Code of Conduct. The individual alleging a violation must include sufficient facts, which would enable the Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs or designee to decide if further fact-finding is necessary. An allegation of violation must include the name of the complainant and should include pertinent facts including, but not limited to, a description of the alleged violation, the date of the alleged violation, the name(s) of the students involved, the time that the alleged violation took place, and the location of the alleged violation.


  • Students who are the subject of prohibited conduct allegations will be notified by the appropriate Hearing Officer. Such notice will contain information regarding the student conduct involved and a statement of the Code provision(s) and/or University policy alleged to have been violated.
  • All written notices to students will be considered received and constitute full and adequate notice upon the occurrence of one or more of the following: placing the written notice addressed to the student’s current local or permanent address as listed in the Registrar’s records in the United States Postal Service mail or campus mail, sending written correspondence to the student’s official University email address, or hand delivering written notice to the student.
  • The student’s failure to provide and maintain current addresses with the Registrar, refusal to accept delivery of a letter, or failure to receive an email message because the mailbox is full or the message is inappropriately forwarded will not constitute good cause for failure to comply with written notices.
  • Failure to respond to notices delivered via Item 5.2 shall constitute a separate violation of this Code.  Failure of the accused student to respond to the initiation of charges or schedule a procedural interview shall in no way prevent the University from scheduling and conducting a University Hearing Board hearing or a Disciplinary Conference with the Hearing Officer in the absence of the accused student.
  • The Senior Director of Student Services & Judicial Affairs may bar or cancel the enrollment of a student who fails to comply with notices sent in accordance with Item 5.2.