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Delegated Access

Delegated access is a functionality that allows UHV students to authorize another person such as a parent, guardian, or spouse to view information or perform transactions on their behalf in myUHV Self-Service. 

Students can customize what information delegates can view, which transactions they can perform, or revoke access at any time.  Delegates are provided with secure access to myUHV Self-Service using their own unique sign in credentials.

Delegates can do the following things (provided they are granted access):

  • View a bill and make a payment
  • View contact information
  • View emergency contacts
  • View grades
  • View holds on an account
  • View a student's To Do List

Students are responsible for setting up delegated access in myUHV and for determining which areas the individual can access.

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Granting Access

  1. Student logs in to Student Self-Service.
  2. Student clicks on the Share My Information tile to navigate the Share My Information page.
  3. Student clicks on the Delegate Access To A New Contact button.
  4. Student enters the information of the delegate that they would invite to access their information and then clicks on the Authenticate Identity button.
  5. Student clicks on the Send PIN to email button.
  6. Student receives email for the PIN.
  7. Student enters the PIN on the page and clicks on the Verify button.
  8. Student enters a last name and a first name for the digital signature, checks the “I accept the terms and conditions” checkbox, and then clicks on the Save button.
  9. Student receives an email acknowledgment that contains a key to be used by the delegate.
  10. The delegate receives an email with instructions to create an account to access the student’s information.
  11. The delegate clicks on the link in the email and then enters their information.
  12. The delegate clicks the Create Account button and is presented with a confirmation message. They should also receive email confirmation that contains their User ID assigned to them for logging in.
  13. The delegate can now login by using the portal below with the User ID that has been assigned to them and a password that they have created.

If the delegate has access to multiple students’ records, they can select from the students list.

Making a Payment

  1. The delegate will click on the Delegated Access tile using their login.
  2. The delegate will click on the Student’s Financial Info tile.
  3. The delegate will click on the student’s name.
  4. The delegate will fill out the digital signature box, agree to the terms and conditions, and then click on Make a Payment. Please note, if the delegate has access to more than one student, the delegate can click Change to choose another student.
  5. Next, the delegate will fill in the payment amount, check the box to accept the terms and conditions, then click Submit button.
  6. Then, enter payment information and click Continue.
  7. Verify all information is correct and then click Confirm.
  8. The delegate will see the payment confirmation information for their records.

Reviewing Financial Aid

  1. The delegate will click on the Delegated Access tile using their login.
  2. The delegate will click on the Student Financial Aid tile.
  3. If the delegate has access to only one student, the Financial Aid information for that student will be displayed by default. To select a different aid year, the delegate will click on the Change button. If the delegate has access to multiple student records, a different student can be selected by clicking on the Change button. To view the award summary by semester, the semester can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  4. College Financing Plan can be viewed by clicking on the College Financing Plan button. A separate tab that contains the College Financing Plan will open.
  5. To view the annual Cost of Attendance estimate, the delegate will click on Cost of Attendance. To view the cost estimate by semester, the semester can be selected from the drop-down menu.

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