University of Houston-Victoria

Student Records

Add/Drop Form (available through eForms only)

Appeal to Graduate Form

Authorization To Release Educational Records/FERPA

Change of Primary Name (available through eForms only)

Appropriate documentation is required to process a change of primary name.  Acceptable documentation:

  • Marriage -- Copy of marriage license or SSN card
  • Divorce -- Copy of divorce decree or SSN card
  • Remarriage -- Copy of marriage license or SSN card
  • Court Order -- Copy of court order
  • Other -- Explanation of name change and supporting documentation.

Course Credit Petition (avilable through eForms only)

Diploma Replacement Request

Enrollment Degree Verification Request

Permission to Release Records to Victoria College

Request to Withhold Public Information

Records Appeal Form


Note:  Effective 8/16/2021, Student Records no longer provides copies of immunization records.  Students must make copies of records at time of submission to the Admissions Office OR contact their Health Care Provider.