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Texas weather may be different than the weather in your home country. Texas does typically have nice, moderate weather, but it can occasionally reach extremes. The cold season can be between 40-50 F (4-10 C) and the spring/summer season can be from 80-100 F (27-37 C). Texas can sometimes be hot, humid, rainy, or cold.

Please think to bring attire for each of these conditions, including a raincoat, rain boots, sweaters, light jackets, and winter coats. You can purchase jackets and sweaters from the local shopping mall. If you plan to purchase these items, be prepared to spend an average of $20-30 for a raincoat, $25 for rain boots, $12 for an umbrella, $15-$25 for a sweater, and $50 for a light jacket.  

Cultural attire

The International Programs Office and the International Student Organization host many cultural events every semester. Please remember to bring attire from your home country/region to represent your culture at these events. We also recommend that you bring souvenirs and other items that will help you to promote your culture/country at UHV.