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Airport and Bus Station Drop-Off

Victoria Students

Students must secure the F-1 visa and a copy of the visa must be emailed to prior to the airport request. The International Programs provides a complimentary pick-up from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Airport Code: IAH) at the end of the semester for international students. We are not able to drop off from airports outside of Victoria. We are not able to drop off for leisure trips, only for departures outside of the U.S.

The airport shuttle(s) are only available for students departing from UHV to outside of the U.S. We strongly encourage you to select flights between 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. due to the safety and security of our graduate student drivers. Complete the below forms if you need a ride to and from the airport to UHV.  We recommend students select departures between December 8th to December 15th, 2023.  International Programs staff will attempt to provide the airport shuttles as long as the airport request is submitted 7-days ahead to the date/time of the departure to the U.S.  

Students requesting airport shuttle service outside these dates must pay $100 for the Airport Shuttle Service

Airport Option 1

We strongly recommend purchasing your flight directly from Victoria Regional Airport (VCT). Flights from VCT are available through for $100 one-way. Before you purchase your Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW) or Houston (IAH) flight, check the website to get a flight directly to Victoria Texas.

Airport Option 2

You can take the Greyhound Bus from Victoria to IAH. Be sure to calculate extra time to travel to IAH from the Victoria Greyhound Station. A one-way ticket from Victoria to Houston using Greyhound can cost you $18-$31. The Greyhound Bus runs on a strict schedule a few times a day, so please book your Greyhound ticket in advance.

Airport Option 3

The International Programs Office provides a complimentary drop-off to George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Airport Code: IAH) at the end of the semester for international students.

Check the International Programs newsletter for drop-off dates and deadlines. 

Rides requested for any dates outside the timeframes or other airport locations specified above are subject to a $100 charge.

Exchanges, Fulbright, UGRAD, World Learning, and Other Special Program Participants:
If you are a part of an exchange program affiliated with UHV, airport drop-off services are available throughout the semester as specified by the terms of your program. There are no time or date restrictions as it is a part of the exchange agreement. We will take you to the IAH airport.

Drop-Off Request Form (Link Below)

We reserve vehicles and drivers for this service to international students. Do not expect that we will be able to accommodate last-minute airport drop-off requests. Priority will be given to students who give advance notice of their request. Advance notice 7-business days. Requests submitted within a 5-days of your airport date are not guaranteed this service. If you submit a late request then please be prepared to get to the airport using Airport Options 2 or 3.

Please note that you must indicate the address where you would like to be picked up before submitting the form. Include your personal contact information so that we can be sure that we can contact you on the specified day. Be sure to have a device on hand where you will be able to receive emails from our office staff.

International Student Drop-Off Request Form

UHV Katy Students

For Katy students, we recommend using the Airport Shuttle for $55 to your destination at your own expense. According to our past and current international student trends, international students who enroll at UHV Katy are students with ties to the Houston/Katy community. In other words, our international students enrolling at our UHV Katy site more than likely have friends, family, or classmates to assist with transportation in the Houston/Katy Area.

If you are a new international student at UHV Katy and cannot secure a ride from your apartment to Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), please notify the International Programs Office 5 days before your departure from the U.S.