University of Houston-Victoria

International Programs

Course Registration

U.S. federal law requires all F-1 and J-1 international students to pursue a full course of study and make consistent progress toward the completion of the intended program. Failing grades, non-participation, absenteeism, dropping below full-time or withdrawing below full-time during the Fall or Spring semesters are not options for F-1 and J-1 students. If you are having difficulty with your classes, contact your International Student Advisors in the International Programs Office for options that you may have before the semester ends. It is a good idea to contact them as soon as your difficulties become apparent. Do not wait until the semester is almost over.

International Student Course Registration Requirements: 
All F-1 and J-1 students must enroll in face-2-face classes. 

  • Undergraduate students must enroll in a full-time course load of 12 semester hours during each Fall and Spring semester. Within the 12 semester hours, online enrollment is limited to 3 semester hours
  • Graduate students must enroll in a full-time course load of 9 semester hours during each Fall and Spring semester. Within the 9 semester hours, online enrollment is limited to 3 semester hours
  • Student must maintain the face-to-face course requirement in order to maintain F-1 status, but students may enroll in additional online courses provided that they have the minimum amount required face-to-face courses. 
  • If students are not able to register for face-2-face classes, students must connect with the International Programs and their academic advisor to enroll in alternative class which is face-2-face. 


Summer Enrollment

Summer is considered to be a vacation term for most continuing F-1/J-1 students. Enrollment during the Summer term is optional for international students who are already enrolled. There is no limit to online course instruction during the Summer term for continuing students.

However, students who enter the university for the first time in the Summer term must enroll in minimum of 6 semester hours with face-to-face instruction. Please connect with your academic advisor prior to course registration for course rotation schedules. Some programs that have course rotations beginning in the Summer term may require additional courses. 


Programs with Course Rotation Schedules

Certain programs may have an established course rotation schedule, meaning that specific classes may only be held every Spring or Fall but not both. Please work closely with your academic advisor every semester to maintain your degree plan. Your academic advisor guides your degree plan. Failing to connect with your academic advisor to maintain your degree plan will result in course registration difficulties that may cause graduation delays or issues meeting the face-to-face requirement. If you are not able to register for your courses, please consult the International Programs Office immediately. Please note, as an international student on F-1 and J-1 status you are not able to take a semester off due to course rotation. 

Academic Advisors

As a new or returning international student, we recommend you to connect with your academic advisor prior to registering for your courses. Your academic advisor will assist you to understand your degree program and degree plan and assist you to reach your educational and career goals. It is each student's responsibility to connect with their academic advisor prior to course registration each semester in order to register for the approved courses. You can reach your academic advisor via email at:

Freshmen and Sophomore Students (those with less than 45 credit hours): Student Success Coaches

School of Arts and Sciences: international@uhv.edu 

School of Business Administration: Rhiannon Smith 

School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development: Education@uhv.edu   

Dropping Below Full-Time Enrollment

There are exceptions for full-time enrollment only in special cases. To enroll for the required number of hours, you should contact the International Programs Office as soon as possible. Possible exceptions to a full course of study are:

  • Medical issues (documentation is required)
  • Valid academic reasons for enrolling less than full-time
  • Students in the final semester of their program

Changing your Program of Study

You must follow correct procedures in changing from one program of study to another. Contact the International Student Advisor for instructions on how to change your major. Changing your program will require a new I-20 with the new degree program on the first page and a possible change in program end date.