University of Houston-Victoria

Institutional Compliance

Institutional Compliance

Program Mission

To promote and support a culture at the University of Houston-Victoria which builds compliance consciousness into the daily activities of University personnel and encourages employees to conduct University business with honesty and integrity.

Program Goals

  • Promote standards, procedures and business practices that help ensure compliance with laws, regulations and university policy;
  • Identify and assess external compliance and fraud related risks;
  • Ensure that activities posing the greatest risks are properly managed by the appropriate individuals;
  • Provide employees with the training necessary to understand the compliance and fraud issues relevant to their positions and their fiduciary responsibilities as state employees;
  • Prevent fraud and reduce opportunities for fraud;
  • Encourage employees to report suspected fraud or other matters of institutional non-compliance, providing avenues to do so confidentially without fear of retaliation;
  • Provide positive assurances to executive officers, auditors and the Board of Regents of an effective and viable compliance and fraud prevention program.