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Office 365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a group of software and services, provided by Microsoft, which UHV licenses for its users. This license allows users to install and use the Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) on personal devices or fully online as an online application. Also included are other productivity applications including Forms, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, SharePoint, Sway, and Stream.

Office 365 Products

For more information on the various products offered with Office 365 please visit Office 365 Product Information

Need to download and install Office 365?

Office 365 Home Software

Need more information?

Microsoft Office Training Center



Stream Migration

Microsoft Stream is a video platform that allows you to watch, comment, and upload videos related to our organization.

Microsoft Stream Classic will be retired on April 15, 2024.

How does this affect me? 

Previously meetings recorded in Teams were automatically saved to Stream (Classic).

Videos currently in Stream (Classic) will be migrated by IT to the new Stream (SharePoint).

Any videos saved in OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, have already been made available in Stream (Sharepoint) by Microsoft. 

For additional information on the differences between Stream (Classic) vs Stream (on Sharepoint): Microsoft Support - Stream (on Sharepoint) vs Stream (Classic) Guide

Microsoft Support - Learn more about Stream (on Sharepoint)

What about my existing video and links?

Any shared or embedded video links will need to be re-shared post migration. There is a 1 year grace period where old "classic" links will work. However, new "Stream (SharePoint) links will need to be generated and shared. Click the following link to see a guide on re-sharing your migrated Stream video Share a video or audio file across Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Support

Generating new Stream (SharePoint) links is the responsibility of the owner of the video and not IT.

Schedule and Plan

Since Stream (Classic) is being replaced by Stream (Sharepoint), IT will be migrating all videos stored in Stream (Classic) to Stream (Sharepoint).  

Our migration schedule is as follows: 

On the day of your migration, rest assured, this will NOT affect your daily work.  


Where will my Steam (classic) videos be moved to after the migration?

Once the migration has been completed, a new folder will be created in your OneDrive called “Stream Migrated Videos.” Inside the folder will be a copy of all the videos that were stored in Stream (Classic). The day following migration, all videos that were stored in Stream (Classic) will no longer be visible on Stream (Classic). 

If your recording happened within a class Team then your recordings will be migrated to its connected SharePoint site. 

How do I create new videos with Stream (SharePoint)?

Features in Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn 

If you are having trouble accessing Stream or locating your migrated videos, please contact the Help Desk at  

Additional Questions or Problems

If you are having trouble accessing Stream or your migrated videos, please contact the Help Desk at