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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows users to communicate and collaborate in one place. Teams is available to all UHV faculty, staff, and enrolled students through Office365.

Teams can be utilized through a web-browser or by installing it on your device.

If you would like a Microsoft Team created for your academic class, department, or student organization, please fill out the Microsoft Office 365 Team Request Form.

Teams is approved for Level 1 data (UHS SAM 07.A.08).


If you have a disability or questions related to accessibility with any Microsoft Office 365 product, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance. The Microsoft Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French and even American Sign Language.

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Help and Learning

Microsoft Teams Video Trainings

Scheduling a Meeting in Teams

How to Schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook

Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Education: Microsoft Teams for Virtual Learning and Work

Joining a Microsoft Teams meeting as a guest (external non-UHV user)

Joining a Microsoft Team Live Event as a guest (external non-UHV user)

Creating a Microsoft Teams Webinar

Customize Microsoft Teams Registration Page

Breakout Rooms

Information on using breakout rooms

Attendance Reports

  • Only the meeting organizer has access to the attendee reports
  • Available from the Participants pane during a meeting
  • Click the three dots in the Participants panel and chose Download attendance list
  • You MUSTdownload the attendance report before you leave the meeting. The report is unavailable once you leave or end the meeting
  • The attendance report goes into your ‘Downloads’ folder (Windows or Mac). You can open it up as an Excel document from there.

New ‘Together Mode’ sceneschange the Together Mode scene to one of 10+ available.

  • To change this, change your Teams view to Together Mode
  • Then click on ‘Change Scene’ and pick a scene

Sharing system audio - can now be selected after you have begun sharing a PowerPoint, application or screen.

End of meeting notifications – You will now receive a notification when there are 5 minutes remaining in the scheduled meeting. It will not cause the meeting to end automatically as it is informational only.

New pre-join experience – new audio/video settings panel before you join a meeting allows you to change settings before entering the meeting

Live captionsnow with speaker attribution

If you have any further questions about Microsoft Teams or need assistance with using it please email Help Desk.

Default Storage Location Changes

New Teams Meeting Recording Storage Location

The Teams Meeting Recording storage location has been changed and new meeting recordings are now being sent to OneDrive/SharePoint instead of being stored on Stream.

Your content that is on Stream (Stream Classic) is not going anywhere at this time.

These changes to the Teams meeting recording storage location are a move towards a new version of Microsoft Stream, built on SharePoint. You can review the features of this new version of Stream at the following website: Stream (built on SharePoint) new features and functionality

Teams Meetings Scheduled from a Team Channel (channel meetings)

If you schedule a Teams meeting from within a Teams Channel (a channel meeting), the recording will be stored in the ‘Files’ section of the channel in a folder specifically called Recordings. All individuals who have access to that channel will have access to the recording.

This is the preferred method for scheduling academic class meetings or any other meetings where the recordings need to remain within the Team and accessible by members of the Team.

Video walkthrough for scheduling a Teams meeting from a Teams channel

Note: The linked video above is specifically geared towards academic class Teams. You will follow the same steps for scheduling a Teams meeting from a Teams channel in a non-academic class Team.

If you are unable to schedule the meeting using the process that the video overviews, email the HelpDesk at HelpDesk@uhv.edu and we will work through it with you.

Non-Channel Scheduled Teams Meetings, Meet-Now or Instant Meetings

If you schedule or start a Teams meeting in any way other than from within a Teams channel, the recording will be stored in a folder called Recordings in the OneDrive of the individual that started the recording. The meeting recording will be linked in the chat area of the meeting and accessible to all that were invited. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the user that has the recording in their OneDrive to share the recording with any and all individuals that need access to it. Additionally, the user that has the recording in their OneDrive can remove all share access to it or delete the file entirely.

Creating a shareable link to a file in OneDrive

Transcriptions and Closed Captions

At present transcripts can be generated for non-channel scheduled meetings, but not for scheduled channel meetings, meet-now or instant meetings. Closed captions are also not yet available for meeting recordings created from scheduled channel meetings. This feature to be coming in the near future.

In order to have the transcript generated for non-channel scheduled meetings and available with the recording, all you have to do is start the meeting recording. The transcript will start and stop automatically with the recording.

For the transcript file to be created, the meeting organizer must ‘end’ the meeting. This will result in the transcript file being generated and made available almost immediately.

At present the transcript cannot be edited in the same method as Stream Classic. The transcripts can, however, be downloaded as a .docx or .vtt file, edited and re-uploaded to the meeting chat after the fact as a separate file. Microsoft has indicated that the editing of the transcripts similar to how we have it with Stream Classic will be added at a later date.

More information on transcriptions in Teams meetings

How long will meeting recordings be available?

Initially, Teams meeting recordings will remain available for 60 days. Once we have the ability to edit this setting it will be changed to 730 days.