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Teams Question and Answer

How do I log into Teams with my UHV Student Account?

Teams is part of Microsoft Office365. You will need to login with the same credentials as you use for logging into your student email.
User name: Student ID number followed by (ex:
Password: Same as student email

How do I get\download\install Microsoft Teams for my device?

The Microsoft Teams' installation file can be found on Microsoft's website.

Why are my Team meetings in the wrong time zone?

Personal calendars for meetings are typically controlled by the time zone your computer is set to.

Microsoft Office 365 - Time Zone settings

Windows - How to set your Time Zone

Mac - How to set your Time Zone

How do I chat with other students/my professor?

Teams How to Guide - Start a Chat

How do I share files in Teams?

Microsoft Teams' Guide:  Sharing files tutorial

How do I attend/join a Teams meeting?

A set of video tutorials on joining meetings in Teams

How do I schedule a meeting in a private channel?

Microsoft Teams Guide: Schedule a meeting in Teams

How do I share my screen in a meeting?

Microsoft Teams' Guide: Sharing my screen tutorial

How do I share my webcam in a meeting?

Microsoft Teams' Guide: Webcam support article

How do I change my video background?

Microsoft Teams Guide: Changing video backgrounds

How do I share content including PowerPoint in a Team meeting?

Microsoft Teams' Guide: Sharing content in Microsoft Teams

What do I do if I can't join a Team meeting?

  1. Check the account you are logged into Microsoft Teams with. Is it the same account that was invited.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Check meeting invite for a dial-in number alternative.
  4. Restart computer and try again.
  5. Check Microsoft Teams for updates and restart application.

Why can't I see the chat and raise hand feature in a Teams meeting?

  1. Typically, this happens when you are joining a Microsoft Teams meeting scheduled inside a team that you are not a member of.
  2. Please contact the meeting organizer.  This information is included as part of the meeting invitation.

How do I record a meeting?

Microsoft Teams' Guide: Recording a meeting

Where is my Teams Meeting Recording Stored?

Where is my recording from a Teams Meetings Scheduled from a Team Channel (channel meetings)?

How long will meeting recordings be available?

Teams meeting recordings will remain available for 730 days.

How do I share a recording?

How to Share a Recording

I know I'm enrolled in class XYZ - why do I not see that class Team?

  1. Your class instructor must activate the Microsoft Teams component for the class.
  2. Typically, this happens close to the start of the semester.
  3. Contact your instructor during the first week of class to see if Microsoft Teams will be utilized for instruction.

How do I delete messages I sent in chat?

Microsoft Teams' Guide: Delete message tutorial

How do I mute a chat?

How to Hide, unhide, mute, or pin a chat in Teams

How do I make a breakout room?

Information on using breakout rooms 

How to get Attendance Reports

How to use Together Mode

How to use ‘Together Mode’

How do I share my system audio during a meeting or Powerpoint?

Share sound from your computer in a Teams meeting or live event

Where are my recordings for Non-Channel Scheduled Teams Meetings, Meet-Now, or Instant Meetings?

Transcriptions and Closed Captions