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Introductions to the University Calendar

The University Calendar is the place to find out what is happening at UHV. The calendar has a responsive design that adjusts the display according to your device window or screen size.  Please see the information below to learn more about viewing the calendar, training, signing in, and accessing the “Create an Event” form.


Viewing the Calendar

The calendar is available from the UHV Internet and Intranet web sites.  The direct link to the calendar is:

Screen shot of the UHV calendar page tool bar 

Training Video

Learn how to schedule a room or create an event by watching this short video. 


Signing In

You do not need to sign in to view the public calendar.  However, you do need to sign in to view internal events (such as department meetings) as well schedule a room or create an event.

Sign in using your UHV credentials by clicking “SIGN IN” on the navigation bar below the photo

Screen shot of UHV Calendar sign in location

Next, click the big red “SIGN IN USING UHV ACCOUNT…” button on the SIGN IN page.

Screen shot of UHV calendar sign in button


Create an Event Form

To reserve a room or create an event, complete the “Create an Event” form. 

Select “CREATE AN EVENT” on the calendar home page.  If you are not already signed in, you will be directed to the “Sign In” page before you are taken to the “Create an Event” form.

Screen shot of UHV calendar tool bar with Create an Event underlined

Also, as shown in the video, you can go to the “Create an Event” form by selecting “CREATE AN EVENT” from the left navigation menu in Event Manager.

Screen shot of Event Manager section with 'create an event' underlined 

Need more assistance?  Please send email to the Application Services mailbox, and someone from the team will assist you.