University of Houston-Victoria

Emergency Management

Section XII: Annexes

These appendices are in development and can be found under a separate cover and are stored in the UH-EOC.

Annex A - Warning

Annex B - Communication

Annex C - Shelter and Mass Care

Annex D - Radiological Protection

Annex E - Evacuation

Annex F - Firefighting

Annex G - Law Enforcement

Annex H - Health and Medical Services

Annex I - Emergency Public Information

Annex J - Recovery

Annex K - Public Works and Engineering

Annex L - Utilities

Annex M - Resource Management

Annex N - Direction and Control

Annex O - Human Services

Annex P - Hazard Mitigation

Annex Q - Hazmat and Oil Spillage

Annex R - Search and Rescue

Annex S - Transportation

Annex T - Donations Management

Annex U - Legal

Annex V - Terrorist Incident Response