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Emergency Management

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Section V: Concept of Operations

This EMP does not replace policies for public safety, hazardous material regulations, or other emergency measures already established at the University. Instead, it supports the existing policies with an “All-Hazards” approach and emergency management operations structure, utilizing NIMS and ICS to provide support for timely managerial focus on response operations and to support a transition for recovery operations.

The following priorities are listed in order of importance. Whenever demands for emergency resources (personnel or equipment) conflict, the operational demand that is highest on this list will prevail.

  1. Save Lives
    • Save lives.
    • Treat the injured.
    • Warn the campus community to avoid further casualties.
    • Evacuate people from the vicinity of the emergency or shelter-in-place from the hazards.
  2. Protect Property
    • Save property from damage or destruction.
    • Take action to prevent further loss.
    • Provide security for property.
  3. Restore the Campus community to normal.
    • Restore essential utilities.
    • Restore campus infrastructure (such as roads, telecommunications, etc.).
    • Help restore learning environment of the campus community.
    • Provide for continuity of University operations.