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Emergency Management

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Declaration of a Campus Emergency

Declaration of a Campus Emergency

A declaration of campus emergency is an official designation intended to communicate to the University, as well as to state and local officials, that the University’s normal functions and operations are interrupted, and our resources are unable to meet demands resulting from the event. Only the President or his/her designee is authorized to issue a declaration of campus emergency. It must exist in written form and be communicated publicly.

The President and Executive Committee, or designee, shall immediately consult regarding the incident to assess the need for recommendation for the need of a declaration of a campus emergency, in collaboration with the Emergency Planning Committee and other emergency responders, if necessary.

This EMP will promulgate under the authority of the President of the University.  Decisions concerning changes to campus status (discontinuation of University functions, cancellation of classes, or cessation of operations), rest with the institution President.  In the President’s absence, the Provost or designee, will act in his/her place regarding changes to campus status per recommendation from the Executive Operations Team.  During a Declaration of a Campus Emergency, the institution President and Provost, or designee, shall place into immediate operation its procedures to meet the incident to the extent possible and to safeguard its students, faculty, staff, and property.


Delegations of Authority

The University of Houston-Victoria will utilize existing Delegations of Authority authorized by the University of Houston-Victoria President if needed in the event of an emergency. In addition, the President’s Organizational structure currently in place will be utilized as those individuals are trained and prepared to assume leadership roles in the absence of the President.

Delegation of Authority: References and follows the outline established in UHV Policy B1: Expenditures and Expenditure Authority

Expenditure and Use of Funds: Expenditure and Use of Funds

Organization Chart: Emergency Response Team Organizational Chart