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Emergency Management

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Section VIII: Administration and Support

UHV is responsible for the administrative controls necessary to manage the expenditure of funds and to provide reasonable accountability and justification for expenditures made to support emergency operations. This shall be done in accordance with the established University fiscal policies and standard cost accounting procedures.

Preservation of Records

Care must be taken to preserve the following records:

  1. Activity Logs: An Incident Log is opened when the UHV-EM has been activated. The UHV-EM shall maintain accurate logs for recording key emergency response activities that may include:
    • Tasks assigned according to the needs of the incident
    • University resource allocation
    • Response requests to other local governments and to state and federal agencies
    • UHV internal cost of resources utilized or expended during the emergency incident activation period
    • Major commitments of resources or requests for additional resources from external sources
    • Mass evacuation resource cost, campus casualties and/or containment or termination of the incident.
  2. ICS Forms/Incident Action Plans (IAPs): To support incident objectives during an incident with multiple operational periods, ICS forms and IAPs will be utilized for purposes of operational continuity tracking and accountability of resources.
  3. Minor Incident Costs: Departments shall maintain accurate records summarizing the use of personnel, equipment, and supplies during the emergency response incident on a day-to-day incident(s) to obtain an estimate of annual emergency response costs that can be used as in preparing future department or agency budgets.
  4. Emergency or Disaster Costs: For major emergencies or disasters, all departments and agencies participating in the emergency response shall maintain detailed costs for emergency operations to include:
    • Personnel costs, especially overtime costs.
    • Equipment operation costs
    • Costs for leased or rented equipment
    • Costs for contract services to support emergency operations
    • Costs of specialized supplies expended for emergency operations

These records may be used to recover costs from the responsible party or insurers or as a basis for requesting financial assistance for certain allowable response and recovery costs from the state and/or federal government.