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Emergency Management

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Section VI: Assignment of Responsibilities

The University President, an assigned Vice President, UH Police Sergeant/Officer assigned to UHV’s Public Safety and Security, and the UHV Campus Emergency Management are responsible for establishing objectives and guidance for emergency management, response, and recovery operations during any incident which may require the activation of the University of Houston-Victoria site established as the Emergency Management location for the event.  In addition, individual departments and units are responsible for having their own department level response plans.

Executive Operations Team (EOT)

  1. The Executive Operations Team (EOT) is comprised of the University President and Vice Presidents of the President’s Cabinet and can be viewed in Attachment #1.

  2. During a campus emergency, the EOT’s responsibilities include:

    • Making recommendations to the University President regarding campus closure/cancellation of classes

    • Making recommendations to the University President regarding campus response/recovery efforts in the event of a campus-wide emergency

    • Providing resources and information to stabilize the campus incident as quickly as possible when requested through the University Incident Commander (UIC) and members of the UHV’s assigned Emergency Management Team.

    • Approving the request of additional external resources to stabilize a campus incident

    • Tracking and requesting status reports on various activities that have been initiated and the resources that have been mobilized for information and guidance

  3. If a campus emergency is declared, additional members of the EOT may be requested to assemble at a location designated by the President or the Vice President in consultation with the University Incident Commander and/or the UHV Emergency Manager.

  4. A staging area will be announced by the Emergency Manager or a designee to assemble the EOT at a safe location.

  5. Emergency Management may coordinate with local emergency response personnel depending on the class of emergency and the resources required for successful operations.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

  1. The UHV Office of Emergency Management

    • May act on behalf of the University as the University Incident Commander (UIC) or as delegated by the authority from the UHV President and/or the Vice President

    • Will establish objectives and priorities for emergency management programs for the University

    • Provides general procedures and guidance information to the Executive Operations Team and to UHPD-UHV and Security or designee

    • Manages the activation of the campus UHV-EOC

    • Has primary responsibility for “command and control” functions of the OEM or may provide a transfer of command to any other well qualified individual.

    • Monitors emergency response actions during an event, incident or disaster and provides command and direction to all members of the campus UHV-EM.

    • Assists in the coordination of recovery efforts, if required. 

    • Prepares and maintains the EMP and its supporting guidelines.

    • May initiate the coordination efforts to activate the UHV Business Continuity Plan.

University Incident Commander (UIC)

University Incident Commander Purpose and Responsibilities

  1. Determines the level of the incident and impact to the campus and ability to contain the incident.

  2. Possesses the requisite authority to make quick decisions regarding the incident.

  3. Designates Command and General Staff, as needed for the incident.

  4. Is delegated full authority by the University President to oversee the command and control of the incident.

  5. Is fully trained in NIMS, ICS functions and certifications that will qualify the UIC for that position

The University Incident Commander (UIC) may respond to any campus incident. Any of the following trained campus individuals may be designated as the UIC:

The UIC in conjunction with the campus emergency incident Command and General Staff may be required to report to the primary designated area for emergency operations.

UIC and staff assigned to emergency management events are required to be trained with a minimum certificate completion in specific NIMS and ICS courses.

Ride-Out Team

There are some university functions that should remain operational during an emergency event. Critical infrastructure components to the university’s function, such as utility service and computing and telecommunication equipment may be rendered inoperable by an emergency event. Therefore, if a failure occurs, continuity and recovery plans must be developed to assure prompt restoration of services. Since emergencies may preclude access to the campus because of circumstances such as campus operations needed to continue essential tasks and affect a rapid restoration of critical infrastructure, components immediately following the disaster will be designated as ride-out team members.

Ride-out team(s) will only include those essential personnel for the short period of time until access to campus is expected to be restored. University operations that are not essential during the period of time when the campus is inaccessible (not expected to exceed 48-hours) shall not be included as ride-out team personnel.

Departmental ride-out team procedures will include the specifics of reporting locations, responsibilities of individuals, operational procedures, and needed supplies and materials. Since the Ride-Out Team will be on campus during the emergency event, it is important that they be located in a safe location. The departmental ride-out procedures will specify the locations of operations as well as shelter and sleeping locations. These locations must be identified by the Director of Emergency Management and/or the University Incident Commander and coordinated through the UHV-EOC.