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Research and Sponsored Programs

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Award Notification

The funding agency will normally send notification to the Principal Investigator (PI) and the ORSP upon award.  If notification of an award is sent only to the PI, it should be forwarded immediately, along with all accompanying information, to the ORSP. The ORSP will review the terms and conditions of the award, ensuring that they are acceptable to the University. The ORSP may contact the PI during this process, and the PI should raise any questions or concerns that he or she may have, as the University is in a position to negotiate the terms of the agreement.

Sponsored program awards come in the form of grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts.

A grant is a funding instrument through which the sponsor is a supporter of the project.

cooperative agreement implies a substantive mutual interaction between the sponsor and the award recipient.

contract is the vehicle for procurement of property or services (e.g., drug development, research and development services, evaluation, training, etc.).

If the funding agency is a private foundation, non-profit, or for profit, the Office of University Advancement is responsible for overseeing that appropriate University approvals are obtained.

Preliminary Budget Negotiations

Preliminary budget negotiations are conducted by the PI and the awarding agency to determine an appropriate level of funding for the program proposed by the PI. The PI should contact the ORSP for assistance to confirm salary, benefits, and indirect costs rates. The ORSP will conduct formal budget negotiations with the PI’s input and approval.