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Research and Sponsored Programs

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Expenditure of Funds

Sponsored program expenditures are governed by 2 CFR 200 Subpart E – Cost Principles. All costs must be expensed according to the general cost provisions. A list of Accounts Normally Not Allowed on Federal Funds is available for reference. Please, contact the ORSP for specific questions or guidance.

Negotiations Of Post-award Project Changes

Budget – submitting a revised budget

Whenever there are proposed budgetary changes in the sponsored project, the PI needs to consult with the ORSP to identify the necessary course of action. Federal policies, permitted under expanded authority, allow limited budgetary modifications. Other budgetary changes such as transferring participant costs to another budget category or budgetary transfer greater then a specific percentage of the budget require prior approve from the granting agency.  The ORSP will work with the PI to analyze the proper action necessary to modify the budget according to sponsored program requirements.

Change in Scope of Work or Principal Investigator

A significant change in the scope of work or program leadership needs to be addressed with the program officer from the awarding agency. Such changes usually require UHV to receive prior approval from the awarding agency. The ORSP can assist the PI when such action is needed.

Reporting Responsibilities

The PI/PD is responsible for the technical direction and reporting required by the awarding agency.

The ORSP is responsible for completing the financial reporting required by the awarding agency.

It is critical to submit all reports promptly to remain in good standing with the awarding agency.

Transferring a Grant to another Institution

Transferring a grant to another institution is a complicated process and requires proper timing to allow for the transfer and to allow for start-up at the new institution. Some sponsors have specific forms that must be completed to obtain a transfer. Other sponsors have no formal guidelines for transfers. The PI is encouraged to notify the ORSP to begin the process early. An arbitrary expiration date should be selected for the project. For UHV to relinquish the project, ORSP must determine the residual funds remaining after all obligations have cleared. It may take at least 30 days after the chosen expiration date to obtain this information pending the award activity.

If equipment was purchased and is going to be moved to the new institution, approval must be obtained from the Department Chair, Dean, and the Provost. Once the grant is relinquished, any new funding will be secured through the new institution. Grants from NSF require completion of an NSF Grant Transfer Form. Once the grant has been relinquished, the sponsor will re-award the grant to the new institution.