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Research and Sponsored Programs

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Identify a Funding Opportunity

The ORSP disseminates a listing of various funding opportunities at the beginning of each month. Several online funding databases are also available to help identify applications specific to your research needs. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the Grant Development Coordinator to discuss their research interests and any funding opportunities before the development process begins to ensure eligibility and compliance with program-specific requirements. To start the application process, the PI/PD must obtain prior approval by completing the Intent to Submit a Proposal form per policy A-35, Grant Request.

Proposal Development

There are many steps to completing a sponsored program/research proposal. Faculty and staff are encouraged to begin the process early to allow as much time as possible to submit a competitive proposal. The proposal development process may last 2 – 12 months depending on the program requirements and complexity of the activity. Aim to submit the proposal before the agency’s deadline.

Allow at least 1 to 2 weeks for the ORSP to develop the budget, if needed, review and prepare the application for submission. All proposals are reviewed before submission to the sponsor by the ORSP. PI’s are notified of any omissions, necessary corrections or other items that could strengthen the presentation to the potential sponsor. The ORSP submits applications on behalf of the PI and UHV. 

The following is the estimated time to complete commonly required documents.

Documents Estimated Time to Complete
Project Narrative 2-6 months depending on program requirements
Project Abstract/Summary 1 week
Project Timeline 1-2 weeks
Budget and Budget Justification 1-2 weeks
Biographical Sketch/Resume/CV 2 week to initially develop
2-4 days to edit/update existing info.
Current and Pending Support Form 1 week to initially develop
2 days to edit/update existing form
Letters of Commitment/Support 3 weeks - 1 month to collect from collaborators
Data Management Plan 1-2 weeks
Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources 1-2 weeks
SF-424 (Coversheet for submission) 1-2 days (Completed by ORSP)


Federally Required Internal Forms Estimated Time to Complete
Financial Conflict of Interest Form 1 day
1 day – 1 week for review and approval
Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects Approval 1 week to complete an application and supporting documents
1 week to review and approve