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Applied Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated across industries, there is skyrocketing demand for talent with applied AI skills. Students who gain hands-on knowledge in areas like machine learning, NLP, and data analytics will be uniquely qualified for coveted, cutting-edge roles such as AI Engineer, ML Engineer, Data Scientist, and AI Product Manager. The global AI software market is exploding, estimated to grow from $10.1 billion in 2018 to $126 billion in 2025, signaling tremendous career opportunities. By developing technical AI abilities combined with business acumen and communication skills, forward-thinking students can gain a competitive edge and help companies implement AI solutions. With proficiency in applied AI, students can propel themselves to the forefront of next-gen technologies and become highly sought-after in the future AI-driven workplace.

Ricardo Teixeira

Why the UHV’s Graduate Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence

UHV’s graduate certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence equips students with the exact skills employers urgently seek today. By covering core AI disciplines like deep learning, natural language processing, and advanced AI topics, the curriculum provides hands-on training in the latest techniques powering real-world AI implementations across industries. Prerequisites in calculus, statistics, and programming ensure students have the coding abilities and math foundation to excel. The cutting-edge AI courses teach in-demand practical abilities like building neural networks, developing chatbots, analyzing unstructured data, and more. Students completing this rigorous certificate curriculum will showcase high-level proficiency in AI, ready to propel leading organizations into the future with intelligent data-driven solutions. With prestigious AI training aligned to industry needs, students will showcase valuable expertise that helps them stand out and get hired in the highly competitive AI job market. This is the fast track to an exciting AI career.



  • 3 semester hours of Calculus, Algebra, Discrete Structures or Discrete Mathematics
  • 3 semester hours of Statistics
  • 6 semester hours of Programming or Data Structures


9 semester hours composed of the following 3 required artificial intelligence courses:

  • COSC 6328 Deep Learning
  • COSC 6348 Natural Language Processing
  • COSC 6370 Advanced Topics in AI


Who Should Apply?

  • Computer science, engineering, mathematics, and statistics majors who want to complement their technical degree with applied AI skills that make them more competitive candidates for roles like AI Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer. The certificate provides targeted AI training beyond what they get in their core curriculum.
  • IT professionals looking to transition into more specialized AI and machine learning engineering positions within their company or get hired as AI experts elsewhere. The certificate delivers the perfect upskilling opportunity through hands-on applied AI courses.
  • Data analysts and business intelligence professionals who want to level up into more advanced AI applications like natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning models. The certificate equips them with skills beyond traditional BI.
  • Career changers with some programming experience who want to pivot into the fast-growing field of AI. The certificate's prerequisite courses ensure they have the core technical competencies to succeed in the AI courses.
  • Technically oriented professionals in any industry who want to future-proof their skills and become specialists in the highly in-demand field of applied AI. The certificate helps position them as experts who can create business value through AI.
  • Ambitious students who want to differentiate themselves with a certification proving their dedication and competence in cutting-edge AI skills that are highly sought after by employers.

The Applied Artificial Intelligence certificate is ideal for those with STEM or programming backgrounds who want to launch or accelerate their careers by gaining applied real-world AI expertise that's increasingly important across industries.


Jobs and Related Careers

  • AI Consultant - Many consultants focused on AI strategy have technical backgrounds and AI skills like those developed in the certificate.
  • AI Engineer - Developing and implementing artificial intelligence models and systems requires expertise in areas like machine learning and deep learning. The certificate provides core training for this role.
  • AI Product Manager - Managing products and services powered by AI requires understanding how these systems work. The certificate provides this foundation.
  • AI Solutions Architect - Architecting and implementing enterprise-scale AI solutions demands in-depth knowledge of different AI applications and models.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst - Many BI analyst roles are evolving to apply more advanced analytics and AI techniques like those covered in the certificate curriculum.
  • Data Scientist - Creating predictive models and extracting insights from complex data requires knowing advanced AI algorithms and techniques included in the curriculum.
  • Machine Learning Engineer - Building and deploying machine learning systems in fields like computer vision, NLP, and predictive analytics requires specialized AI skills that the certificate covers.
  • NLP Engineer - Natural Language Processing roles working on things like chatbots and text analytics rely heavily on AI skills covered in the certificate like NLP and deep learning.
  • Quantitative Analyst - Applying AI and machine learning to develop trading models and algorithms requires expertise like that gained in the certificate.