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Data Science

Data science skills are in high demand, with job listings growing over 50% by 2025. Data scientists earn high salaries (starting at $95k) and work across industries like tech, healthcare, and finance. With the right data science training, students can access these lucrative roles which solve real-world problems through analytics. This certificate program teaches in-demand data skills like Python, modeling, and machine learning to set students up for success. Data science offers a future-proof career combining analytical abilities with your interests, whether business, social good, or healthcare. As organizations rely more on data, demand for data professionals will keep growing. Students who want an impactful career should get into data science now before the field expands further. With our real-world training and industry connections, we prepare data science students for a bright future powered by data.


Why the UHV’s Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Data science skills are in high demand across industries, but getting started in this exciting field can seem daunting. That's why the University of Houston-Victoria offers a Graduate Certificate in Data Science—the fast track to begin or advance your data science career.

Our 9 credit-hour certificate provides focused training in today's most valuable data skills. The required Programming for Data Science course teaches Python, the universal language of data professionals. You'll gain hands-on experience building pipelines for cleaning, exploring, and transforming data.

To master predictive analytics, choose from our cutting-edge electives in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Data Visualization. Through real-world projects, you'll learn how to apply algorithms to uncover insights, make forecasts, and design visualizations that clearly communicate results.

UHV's curriculum aligns with top employers' needs—no wasted time on unnecessary theory. With affordable tuition and flexible online or in-person evening classes, you can earn this certificate while working full-time.

Set yourself apart with a credential targeted on the data skills that matter most today. UHV's Data Science Graduate Certificate will equip you with knowledge to transition into data science roles or advance in your current career.

Don't just watch the data revolution happen - become a part of it. Enroll now and let UHV give you the tools to thrive in the world of data.



  • 3 semester hours of Calculus, Algebra, Discrete Structures, or Discrete Mathematics
  • 3 semester hours of Statistics
  • 6 semester hours of Programming or data structures


Requirements: 9 semester hours composed of required data science courses.

The required courses are:

  • COSC 6375 Programming for Data Science, and 
  • choose two from the following:
    • COSC 6315 Data Science using Machine Learning 
    • COSC 6376 Predictive Analytics
    • COSC 6378 Data Visualization 


Who Should Apply?

  • Anyone passionate about leveraging data to solve real-world problems and drive business results. The certificate provides key hard skills to set up for success in the booming data science field.
  • Early-career data analysts or BI developers looking to level up and expand their skills in machine learning, predictive modeling, Python programming, and visualization.
  • Experienced data professionals who want to formalize or update their skills with the latest techniques and tools. The graduate certificate serves as credible proof of in-demand expertise.
  • Graduate students in any field who want to supplement their degree with applied data analytics knowledge and hands-on tools.
  • Professionals in non-tech industries like healthcare, business, or social sciences who want to transition into data analytics roles in their field. The certificate provides tailored data skills without prior tech experience needed.
  • Recent STEM graduates who want an affordable, accelerated way to gain entry-level data science competencies before applying for full-time positions.
  • Tech professionals like software engineers or analysts interested in pivoting into more specialized data science roles like machine learning engineering.
  • Working adults or career changers looking for a flexible program to gain data analytics skills for career advancement or transition.
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Jobs and Related Careers:

The UHV Data Science Certificate provides versatile data skills valuable across functions, industries, and career level and is beneficial for a variety of jobs and career paths.

  • Bioinformatics Scientist - Apply data science to analyze biological and genomic data.
  • Business Intelligence Developer - Build infrastructure for data analytics and reporting for business users.
  • Data Analyst - Analyze data to uncover trends, metrics, and insights to guide business strategy.
  • Data Engineer - Develop pipelines, systems, and data architecture to supply useful data.
  • Data Scientist - Use advanced analytics and modeling techniques to derive value from complex data.
  • Financial Analyst - Evaluate data to assess risks, identify investment opportunities, and detect fraud.
  • Government Analyst - Inform public policy decisions through statistical analysis of data.
  • Healthcare Analyst - Analyze clinical, health, and patient data to improve care and outcomes.
  • Machine Learning Engineer - Develop and optimize machine learning models and pipelines.
  • Management Consultant - Advise clients on business optimization and strategy using data analytics.
  • Marketing Analyst - Apply data analytics to inform marketing initiatives, segmentation, and campaigns.
  • Operations Analyst - Improve business operations and processes through data analysis.
  • Social Scientist - Derive data-driven insights from human behavior and social trends.