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Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety supports higher education and research in conjunction with the University community by promoting healthy and safe operations and strives to achieve a university culture in which health and safety are core values.

The Department consists of Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety, and Radiation Safety sections all here to help you.

Biological Safety

The safety of all members of the campus community is a primary concern of the University of Houston-Victoria. The purpose of the Biosafety is to address safety through the proper management of potentially hazardous biological agents such as bloodborne pathogens (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.). This is accomplished through the development of policies and procedures intended to provide guidance for worker safety when handling biological agents.  

In addition to policies, responsibilities and requirements for working with biological materials, this office may be contacted to provide helpful information for the day-to-day management of campus laboratories.

Chemical Safety

The University of Houston-Victoria is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for the campus community, where hazardous chemicals are used in a wide variety of operations and activities. EHS directs safety and provides efforts at assisting the University in identifying chemical safety hazards and managing them through materials substitution, the application of engineering and administrative controls, the use of personal protective equipment, and laboratory surveys and training programs.

Environmental Protection and Safety

EHS assists faculty, staff, and students in maintaining compliance applicable environmental regulations. The University maintains efforts for environmental compliance which may require coordination at the local, state, and federal level.

Occupational Safety

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment promotes and advances the mission of the University of Houston-Victoria. Occupational safety is dedicated to improving the health and safety of UHV's faculty, staff, students and visitors who may be engaged in, or are around physical work performed at the university campus.

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is active through the dissemination of information, training, instructions, conducting routine inspections, and monitoring the workplace for various hazards. The EHS department implements safety programs and enforces university safety policies and procedures in order to meet or exceed government regulatory requirements. 

Radiation Safety

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UHV- West Building
Office: 361-570-4245