University of Houston-Victoria

Emergency Management

Section II: Purpose and Objectives

This Emergency Management Plan (EMP) replaces any previous plans and is intended to establish procedures with an organizational structure for response to any incident on campus. The EMP is a starting point for use by the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV), and it describes the roles, responsibilities and procedures for departments, units, faculty, staff and students during any incident.

This EMP is an “All-Hazards Approach” plan which provides broad guidelines for emergency management with specific emergency management functions. The basic emergency management procedures given here are designed to protect lives and property through an effective use of campus and community resources. Since an incident may happen suddenly and without warning, the procedures in the EMP are designed to be flexible to accommodate contingencies of various types and magnitudes.  UHV’s Emergency Management (EM) relies on thorough integration of its emergency plans at all levels of the campus, as well as understanding that the lower levels of the organization are responsible for managing the emergency and getting additional resources and assistance from the upper levels.

This EMP will apply the four phases of emergency management: 1) prevention/mitigation, 2) preparedness, 3) response, and 4) recovery. The UHV campus will establish response plans utilizing the EMP and the UHV Building Emergency Response Plan Template.


Purpose and use of this EMP can minimize casualties and property damage and assist to recover from the effects of an incident as quickly as possible. This EMP will be useful during an activation of the University of Houston-Victoria Emergency Management (UHV-EM) as well as during an incident that does not require UHV-EM activation. The EMP provides guidance and structure to the response and actions of UHV operations, academic and administrative departments. When the EMP becomes activated, it will provide the supporting guide for the UHV-EM, the Executive Operations Team (EOT), Command, and General Staff.  

The University EMP was developed to assemble, mobilize, and coordinate responders and personnel with the goal of effectively managing any incident.  This EMP includes resources of the University as well as resources of various University stakeholders. UHV has a student population at or near 933 students, and 503 staff and faculty with a limited amount of resources and therefore, it is essential that a seamless coordination is established with all internal and external stakeholders. This plan applies to the UHV VICTORIA CAMPUS and Residential Facilities operated by UHV.


The objectives of the EMP are as follows:

  1. Organization
    • Provides easy-to-follow design in which campus users can quickly determine their roles and responsibilities.
    • Links and coordinates processes, actions and the exchange of critical information into an efficient and real-time overall response planning system, in which all campus entities have access to the emergency management planning.
    • Provides a starting point for training faculty, staff and partner agencies in emergency management planning.
  2. Decision Making
    • Serves as a reference guide to determine the level of response, emergency controls and coordination that should be activated when incidents or disasters occur, through the use of the incident command system.
  3. Response Operations
    • Provides guidelines for using campus resources to implement a comprehensive emergency response.
  4. Recovery Operations
    • Provides guidelines to support transitioning response operations to normal operations processes.
    • Support campus continuity of operations plan and processes, as needed, during restoration phases.
    • Provides documentation and information to federal, state and local disaster assistance programs.