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Emergency Management

Plan Development and Maintenance

A. Plan Development and Maintenance

  1. UHV Emergency Management is responsible for developing and maintaining this plan. Recommended changes to this plan should be forwarded as needs become apparent.
  2. This plan will be reviewed and updated annually.
  3. Departments requiring assigned responsibilities in this plan must develop and maintain procedures for their responsibilities.
  4. Changes to this plan will be notated on the Record of Change table.
  5. This plan will be updated based upon deficiencies identified during actual emergency situations and exercises and when changes in threat hazards, resources and capabilities occur. In addition, the plan will also be updated when any changes in laws, regulations, or policies that affect the contents or the significance of the plan are identified.
  6. Changes to appendices must be conveyed to the UHV Emergency Management.

B. Plan Distribution

  1. UHV Emergency Management is responsible for distributing this plan accordingly.
  2. In general, copies of this plan and its appendices should be distributed to those individuals, departments, agencies, and organizations tasked in this document.
  3. Copies should also be set aside for the UHVEM.
  4. A public version of this plan is posted on the UHVEM website.