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Emergency Management

Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities

A. Organization

The University of Houston-Victoria will refer to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local guidance during a public health emergency. The Victoria County Health Department acts as the university’s health authority and UHV Emergency Management will work closely with the Executive Operations Team (EOT) to aid in planning and decision making during a pandemic influenza.

B. Assignment of Responsibilities

  1. General:
    All UHV divisions and departments are responsible for the following tasks:
    1. Ensure continuity of operations (COOP) are developed that ensure essential university functions can continue during a pandemic influenza incident.
    2. Ensure personnel are clear on their roles and responsibilities if pandemic influenza is suspected or confirmed.
  2. The University President will:
    1. Authorize a cancellation of classes or a campus closure, if necessary.
    2. Provide overall direction of the response activities of all departments with support from the Executive Operations Team, UHV Emergency Management, UH Police assigned to UHV, and ensure UH Emergency Management is kept up to date on activities occurring on campus.
  3. Executive Operations Team (EOT) will:
    1. Meet regularly with the Emergency Management (EM) in order to determine next steps for planning and/or response functions.
    2. Help facilitate an effective response by mobilizing needed resources.
  4. Victoria County Health Department will:
    1. Serve in a health advisory role for the University. This role includes guidance as the public health authority and recommending actions to be taken or implemented at the University of Houston-Victoria.
    2. Work closely with the UHV Emergency Management to develop a plan for a potential pandemic influenza event.
    3. Coordinate with the UHV Emergency Management during a potential pandemic influenza event. In addition, the Victoria County Health Department's Medical Director, will be kept informed on actions required or performed on campus.
    4. Coordinate university recommendations with local and state public health authorities’ guidance. In the event that the public health guidance differs, the State Health Center will defer to the recommendation of the local level public health authority.
    5. UHV Emerging Health Issues Advisory (EHIA) Group which meets routinely and more frequently during a health related emergency and advise the local health department as requested.
    6. UHV Emergency Management will maintain communication with the Victoria County Health Department and local Victoria County Emergency Management in the event of a potential pandemic influenza event and discuss recommendations.
    7. UHV Emergency Management will maintain discussion with local authorities in order to conduct point of care testing for influenza strains A and B. Further sub typing will be completed at an outside lab.
    8. Victoria County Health Department will be contacted to gather information for seasonal flu vaccines to UHV students, faculty and staff. In the event of a new influenza strain, UHV will follow guidance provided by the local public health authority regarding priority and vaccine administration.
  5. Emerging Health Issues Advisory (EHIA) Group will:
    1. Meet regularly during each summer, fall and spring semester to collaborate in planning and other preparedness activities.
    2. Meet more frequently in the event of pandemic influenza threat or other health-related emergency.
    3. Be chaired by UHV President or an assigned liaison.
    4. Collaborate in planning, response and recovery activities related to the health-related emergency.
    5. Determine possible recommendations to the President regarding response activities in the event of a pandemic influenza incident.
    6. Ensure training and education for protocols, policies, and procedures is incorporated into new hire orientation and current employees.
    7. In training, educate UHV faculty and staff regarding infection control measures, UHV Emergency Management Plan and local and state Pandemic Influenza Plan.
    8. Maintain records and documents of suspected and confirmed cases during pandemic influenza threats.
  6. UHV Emergency Management will:
    1. Activate the UHV Emergency Management, if needed.
    2. Monitor the status of the current pandemic influenza in conjunction with the UHV Administration and Victoria County Health Department.
    3. Coordinate with University Marketing and Media Relations in order to keep UHV students, faculty, and staff informed of the current situation.
    4. Help facilitate educational information regarding infection control measures, and symptom recognition.
    5. Assist University Marketing and Media Relations as needed with sharing information regarding any campus closings or class suspensions to the UHV Campus Community.
    6. Assist in planning next steps for preparedness and/or response.
    7. Determine potential actions and/or resources to mitigate the impact from pandemic influenza.
    8. Participate in the EHIA Group.
    9. Meet regularly with the EOT and President to discuss the status of the pandemic influenza, and to promote planning and response functions.
  7. Office of University Marketing and Media Relations will:
    1. Provide updates to the campus community regarding a pandemic flu threat and communicate protective measures recommended by local public health authorities.
    2. Respond to media inquiries.
    3. Draft updates and any campus closure notices, as needed, in order to post on the UHV ALERT website and the UHV homepage (
  8. Student Housing and Residential Life (SHRL) will:
    1. Work closely with the UHV Emergency Management to develop a plan for a potential pandemic influenza event.
    2. Formulate plans regarding the quarantining of infected individuals by identifying potentials areas to be used for quarantining.
    3. Coordinate with the UHV Emergency Management during a potential pandemic influenza event.
    4. Provide information to residential students regarding infection control measures, and best hygiene practices.
    5. Assist with parent concerns.
    6. Report suspected illnesses to internal UHV Emergency Management and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    7. Consult with Victoria County Health Department (VCHD) regarding students who become ill and if advised, direct them to the care facility recommended or required by VCHD.
    8. Activate plans to quarantine residential students who are ill in conjunction with local health department guidance.
    9. Participate in the EHIA Group.
    10. Train staff on hygiene practices and symptom recognition.
    11. Identify essential staff.
    12. If campus is closed, ensure support of individuals remaining on campus including international students.
  9. UHV Dining Services (UHVDS) /Auxiliary Services will:
    1. Develop internal protocols for segregation of food supply chain from general population.
    2. Consult with EHIA Group and Student Housing Management to create protocols for processes designed to facilitate a safe and effective means of food distribution for those afflicted.
    3. UHV Food Services provides will need a Dietician to consult with Victoria County Health Department to craft appropriate menus.
    4. Work with Student Housing Management during events to ensure complete coverage of those afflicted.
    5. Consult with UHV Emergency Management to provide for provisioning for emergency management teams.
  10. Students with Disabilities will:
    1. Communicate emergency information regarding a pandemic flu threat or campus closure to students registered with Student Affairs.
  11. International Programs Offices, and who Coordinates Study Abroad will:
    1. Coordinate with the University in order to relay information to students engaging in study abroad concerning the prevention and preparedness measures as well as the University’s response related to a pandemic flu threat.
    2. Communicate health education information through the student contacts at UHV. In addition, fliers and brochures will be posted in the reception area and bulletin board in the International Program Office.
    3. Consult with Victoria County Health Center regarding students who become ill and if advised, direct them to local Victoria Hospitals or Health Care Providers.
    4. Assist with visa-related requirements in the event that any student or international student needs to drop one or more classes.