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Respondus 4.0, LockDown Browser, & Monitor for UHV Faculty (creating and managing assessments; see Respondus vendor resources below)

Respondus LockDown Browser for UHV Students (see Respondus vendor resources below)

  1. Download the UHV-specific version of LockDown Browser for your device. 
  2. When it's time to take your online test, close all applications, tools, etc. on your device and then open the LockDown Browser application.
  3. Once in the Lockdown Browser application, log into the UHV Canvas LMS, access your course, and start your test. 
  4. Respondus LockDown Browser Student overview (opens in a new window)
  5. How Do I Use Respondus as a Student (opens in new window).
  6. Troubleshoot Respondus LockDown Browser as a Student (opens in new window).