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Computer Science


The mission of the Computer Science Program is to develop the skills and analytical abilities of its students, helping them become highly professional computer scientists capable of actively contributing to their communities and committed to lifelong learning, development, and success. Constant striving toward excellence in teaching and quality undergraduate research results in sustaining our renowned academic environment.

Course Rotation
Program Information
Degree Plan Options Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Credit Hours 120 Credit Hours
Delivery Methods

Victoria (traditional semesters)

Katy (mostly evenings, traditional semesters)

Tuition & Fees Rates Per Semester

What We Offer Our Students

Acquire breadth and depth of skills in the necessary fields of Computer Science and mathematics to be able to design and implement computer-based solutions to commercial, scientific, and industrial problems and to provide system level support and development.

Learn to employ the necessary verbal, written, visual, and collaborative communication skills to be effective team members in multidisciplinary project settings.

Sharpen the sense of social responsibility and ethics essential in contributing to their community.

Acquire the skills necessary to achieve their career goals, whether employment at a reputable corporation, further study in a quality graduate program, or success in operating their own business

Exhibit a concrete commitment to lifelong learning and development.

Our Mission

  • Developing highly professional computer scientists capable of actively contributing to their communities.
  • Supporting the commitment of students to lifelong learning, development, and success.
Frederica Amfo

I chose UHV due to its proximity to my home, affordable tuition, and charming campus size. I like that it is easy to connect with professors both inside and outside of the classroom.

Frederica Amfo

Current Student