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OneDrive Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my password for OneDrive?

A. The password for OneDrive is the username and password you use to sign into your computer or into MyUHV.

Q. Can I use my personal OneDrive account and UHV OneDrive on the same computer?

A. Yes, you will have two different folders. One for your personal OneDrive and one for your UHV OneDrive. However, please do not sync your UHV OneDrive to a personal computer.

Q. What happens to my OneDrive content if I leave the university?

A. You will need to copy your content from your UHV OneDrive before you leave the university. Since your content is linked to your UHV account, you will not have access after your UHV account is deactivated.

Q. What is my storage quota?

A. 1 TB total storage with a 10 GB max individual file size.

Q. What types of file names and types are not allowed on OneDrive ?

A. Please view this Microsoft page.

Q. What if my work or personal computer gets infected with malware or a virus? Are my OneDrive files at risk?

A. Yes, it is a possibility. Please contact the UHV Technology Support Desk at Help Desk or (361) 570-4399 for assistance.

Q. Do I have to install the OneDrive sync client on my computer to use it?

A. No. You can access your files via the web by logging into Office 365.

Q. Who can see/access my OneDrive files?

A. By default all files are only accessible by you, the owner, until you share them. It is a good idea to review any sharing or permissions you have given on your OneDrive files at the beginning of each semester.

Q. Where is my data housed?

A. Data in OneDrive is housed on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

Q. What do I do if I delete my OneDrive files?

A. Visit this Office support page.

Q. What do the different icons in OneDrive mean?

A. Visit this OneDrive guide.

Employee Only FAQs

Q. Does my UHV OneDrive storage limit count against my UHV network storage limit (U and V drive folders)?

A. No, they are completely separate quotas.

Q. Should I store departmental files on my personal OneDrive?

A. Storing departmental files on your personal OneDrive is not recommended as these files will not be recoverable if you leave the University. We recommend that you store departmental files on the Departmental V: drive located on UHVDocs.

Q. Should I relocate ALL my files from my U: drive to my OneDrive?

A. Yes, at the end of 2020, U drives will be discontinued. All U drives must be transferred to OneDrive. OneDrive is an approved storage location for Level 1 Data. If you would like assistance migrating to OneDrive, please contact the Help Desk.

Q. I’m not sure if my data is classified as Level 1. Who can I ask?

A. If you are uncertain about whether your data is classified as Level 1, described by System policy SAM 07.A.08, please contact Information Technology Security for assistance.

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