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Strengthening Institutions Program (Title III)

In October 2019, The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) was awarded a Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant aimed at increasing success for students through a comprehensive framework of focused support beginning at enrollment and continuing through graduation. The funds, to be delivered over a five year period, will provide UHV with the financial backing to ensure that students not only persist to degree completion, but finish their programs of study in a timely manner.

Strengthening Institutions Grants are awarded to eligible institutions of higher education seeking to expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of the institution.

The project, Strengthening Institutions, will foster a culture of continuous improvement through three integrated components that will improve academic supports and ensure the appropriate assessment of student learning outcomes. The three main activities of the grant are:

Activity #1: Enhancing Academic Success

Activity #2: Enhancing Faculty Development

Activity #3: Enhancing Community Engagement

Enhancing Community Engagement

The purpose of Activity #3 is to proactively provide students with community engagement opportunities that link to their academic coursework, major concentration, and career goals.  Rather than waiting for contacts to send internship or job announcements, the activity will empower faculty and staff to establish formal agreements with industry partners that give UHV students a tangible path for being accepted by various jobs and internships.

Thus, the goal of this activity is to increase the number service/experiential learning opportunities in UHV courses, boost the number of peer and industry professional mentorships, expand the number of internships offered, enhance the number of co-curricular activities, and augment the number of partnerships with local business/community leaders. In essence, such collaborative efforts will help students become aware of the value of work experience and will set the foundation for more robust relationships between UHV and the community at large.

To facilitate these connections, we have created a new online nexus to connect faculty, employers, and students together.  This will allow each party to clearly identify their specific needs and match with the appropriate partner which can address those needs.


For Students

Our Peer Mentors are here to help you!

For Instructors

Tell us what you need and we will try to help you find a community partner or pair you up with a Student Success Advocate to present on the Success Center and it's many benefits!   


For Employers/Community Partners

Tell us what you need and we will try to find you a UHV instructor/class to partner with!