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Title IX and Equal Opportunity

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Faculty Syllabus Statement

All syllabi should include the following standard non-discrimination statement:

The University of Houston System (UHS) including UHV seeks to provide an educational environment free from sex discrimination, including non-consensual sexual contact, sexual assault, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence and stalking. 

We encourage you to report any sexual misconduct to UHV Title IX Coordinator (361) 570-4835; University West 116. If you report any sexual misconduct to me, I am required to share that information with our Title IX Coordinator.

For more information about the UHS Sexual Misconduct policy and counseling and support resources available to you, go to the UHV Title IX Website

This statement was distributed in December 2015 after approval by the Faculty Senate and updated in February 2017 with new contact information. If a syllabus does not include the correct information, please update the material or email Brandon Lee.

If you plan to print out the syllabus and hand it to your students in hard copy format, please include the URL link for the website:

To review information related to employee reporting obligations (all faculty including Teaching Assistants and Adjunct Faculty), please review the UH System Sexual Misconduct Policy § 7.