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Jags Stop Violence

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The Jags Stop Violence Committee works with UHV students and employees to prevent violence and self-harm. Committee projects feature awareness and prevention of the following: 

  • Sexual Misconduct (Dating or domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of nonconsensual contact, stalking, harassment, and intimidation.) 
  • Self-Harm (Suicide, substance abuse, and other forms of self-harm.) 
  • Physical or Criminal Violence (Assault, hazing, vandalism, fighting, theft, etc.)
  • Violence against Specific Populations (Violence directed towards minorities, veterans, the LGBTQ community, women, individuals with disabilities, etc.) 
  • Non-Physical Violence (Emotional and verbal violence, unhealthy or abusive relationships, microaggressions, bullying, discrimination, etc.) 

Bystander Education And Tips

Always call 911 in an emergency. 

Active Bystanders (do only if you are safe): 

  1. Say something. Make it clear that violence is unacceptable. 
  1. Create a distraction. Divert the negative behavior. 
  1. Provide an opportunity for the targeted person to get away safely. 
  1. Call for help (Police and Campus Security, faculty or staff, resident assistants, etc.) or find peers to help diffuse the situation. 

Passive Bystanders (do all of these): 

  1. Offer your support to the targeted person. 
  1. Find allies and make a safety plan to prevent future violence. 
  1. Report the incident after the fact so the targeted person can be offered support services. 

Policies and Resources

UHV Student Code of Conduct

UH System Sexual Misconduct Policy, SAM 01.D.08

UH System Anti-Discrimination Policy, SAM 01.D.07

On-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Resources