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Programs and Internships

Short Term Fall and Spring University Programs

Due to COVID-19 some short-term and internship programs may be reviewed by case-by-case. For information email international@uhv.edu 

Are you an international student, enrolled at a college/university at an institution outside of the U.S. looking to enroll for one or two semester study at an U.S. institution? If yes, UHV offers the best programs for you. This is a great opportunity not only to you but to UHV as a campus. You will gain the true American experience of taking courses at an U.S. classroom, live at the residence halls, experience life in the U.S. by creating lifelong friends from all over the world. Upon completion you return to your university back home and graduate from your back home university. We strongly recommend to check with your back home university for course transfer. Short term study at UHV is a great opportunity to boost your job prospective as you have a study abroad experience in the U.S.

For more information connect with our International Programs Office. Our short term programs are only for few academic major/program fields. Please check our Academic Majors Guide website for the list of majors available. When you are connecting with the International Programs Office, please remember to indicate that you are a “Short Term Program Student”

Fall: May 1st
Spring: October 1st

Estimate Cost per semester

(Tuition, fees, room and board, books, health insurance, Misc expenses)
Undergraduate student $12,300
Graduate Student: $10,920
MBA student: $11,743

* Undergraduate students are required to enroll for 12 credits, and graduate students are required to enroll for 9 credits.

** If interested, please email international@uhv.edu to complete the application. The application deadline for Short Term University programs for college/university international students are May 1st for fall semester, and October 1st for spring semester. We do not accept summer applications.

Short Term Summer Programs

UHV is dedicated to preparing compassionate citizens of the world by helping students maximize their intellectual, creative, and leadership potential. UHV is preparing a new generation of “globalists” -- leaders who will bridge the differences between people and nations in an effort to build a more peaceful and sustainable world. The short term summer programs are open for U.S. and international students from ages 15 and Undergraduate 2nd year and higher students. The summer programs will range from 1-3 weeks depending on the Summer Program Cohort of the student choice.

NextGen Global Leaders
This workshop aims to build dynamic youth leaders from around the world to affect positive and social change. Students are encouraged to take on active roles in their communities through service learning.

English and Culture Programs
Students learn about the complexities of American identity and society while studying the English language and examine ways to engage with U.S. residents.

Robotics Camp
At this Artificial Intelligence camp, students learn the basic concepts of digital simulation and robotics in engineering fields with an emphasis on critical thinking and Math problem solving.

Cyber Biotechnology Camp
This new camp will expose students to learning about STEM careers in digital gaming, simulation, biotechnology and network security.

Depending on the duration of the summer programs, the short term programs can cost as low as $2700 (students return flights to and from the U.S. and additional funds for student personal expenses are not included) The program duration can vary from 1 week- 3 weeks. Please connect with the International Programs Office for more accurate cost information. 

Deadline & Program Start Date
The deadline to apply for Summer short-term programs: March 1st
The Program Start Date:  Summer months or flexible dates for 10 or more students per group

Customized Programs for students Age 15 above (Including university/college students)
Schools who are interested in the above summer programs to be customized to fit a group of 10 or more students, we can accommodate the above programs anytime throughout the year. Please work with the Director of the International Programs Office a minimum of 4 months in advance.

Short Term Internships

Are you interested in arriving to the U.S. for a short-term internship? UHV offers unique internship opportunities to college/university students from all over the world. You must be a student currently attending college or university at an institution outside of the U.S or a recent graduate from an institution outside of the U.S. The internships are non-paid but the experience the students receive academically and professionally is priceless.  If you are interested in completing a non-paid internship at UHV, please connect with the International Programs Office (IPO).  Students must have good English communication and writing skills. A skype or WeChat interview will be completed prior to the internship to learn of the students English skills.

Estimated cost for the student: $300 per week (food and lodging, and transportation. Personal expenses and flight to and from the U.S. is extra cost to the student). 

Internships are available in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Translation
  • Social Media
  • Cultural Program Design and Development