University of Houston-Victoria

International Programs

On Campus Employment for F1 Students

One benefit provided for F-1 students is that they are generally permitted to work part-time on the campus that has issued their currently valid I-20 (UHV). Students must properly maintain their F-1 status while they are attending school and receiving the part-time work benefit. On-campus employment does not need to be authorized by immigration services, but you must check with us after you receive a job offer.

On-campus employment at UHV is arranged through the Office of Career Services. Some examples of on-campus employment for undergraduate students are working in the computer lab, department offices, and dorm facilities. Examples of graduate student employment may include Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Research Assistant positions. 

F-1 students may be employed on-campus throughout the duration of their program. On-campus employment has no effect on post-completion Optional Practical Training. Work on campus is limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session and 40 hours per week during official school breaks provided that students intend to continue course enrollment for the next available semester. On-campus employment is not required to relate to the student's program of study. Students eligible for "special student relief" may be approved by the DSO to work full-time during the semester.