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Zoom is real time group collaboration software that comes with some of the following features: 

  • Simultaneous screen sharing 
  • Annotation and co-annotation 
  • Whiteboarding
  • Break out rooms

Zoom is not approved for Level 1 data (UHS SAM 07.A.08).

Logging in:

  • Visit uhv.zoom.us and login with your uhv email address and password.  All UHV faculty, staff, and students are eligible for a basic Zoom account.
  • Faculty inquiries should be directed to  Woodrow Wagner.
  • Please understand that the usage of Zoom licenses may be audited by IT staff and the license may be reallocated due to non-use and/or misuse.
  • Adjuncts who are teaching in non-consecutive semesters will need to request a license upon their return to teaching. 

Security Configurations:

These are the recommended security configurations for all UH System Zoom meetings.  These configurations were made to ensure we protect the System and University data, users, and UHV brand from unnecessary risk and liability. 

  • Zoom Tips - University of Houston (uh.edu)
  • Don’t post or share meeting links on public websites or social media.
  • Don't disable meeting password or any of the existing security options without a good reason.
  • Limit Screen Sharing to the Host if you are the only presenter. With this setting enabled only you will be able to share screen.
  • Disable join before host—this will prevent meeting attendees from joining your meeting prior to your arrival. They will be allowed in as soon as the meeting host logs in.
  • Lock Your Session when everyone has arrived—this setting allows you to prevent additional attendees from joining your meeting once it has started.
  • Remove a Participant from a Zoom Meeting—you can remove disruptive attendees from your meeting using this option.
  • If you do have a Zoom bombing incident, please email Help Desk and Information Security.


Getting Started with Zoom

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