University of Houston-Victoria

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Setup Checklist

Upon notification of UHV-EOC activation, the Director of Emergency Management, or his/her designee will report to the facility and initiate setup of equipment. Supplies, forms, and layout diagrams are kept in the UHV-EOC.

General setup responsibilities include:

  • Ensure that the UHV-EOC is accessible.
  • Ensure that adequate furniture, computer equipment, fixtures, telephones, and space are available.
  • Locate UHV-EOC Activation Binder and supplies in UHV-EOC.
  • Locate the “forms” box in the UHV-EOC room.
  • Establish a sign-in/sign-out log by the entrance to the UHV-EOC.
  • Remove the UHV-EOC entry/exit log sheet clipboard and ensure staff sign-in as they arrive.
  • Set up and test telephones, fax machines, and other logistical supplies that may have been held in storage pending UHV-EOC activation.
  • Connect computers to network.
    • UHV-EOC Command and General Members are to bring their own laptops into the UHV-EOC, when possible. The UHV-EOC campus locations have wireless connectivity.
  • Set up pre-positioned emergency EMP, ERG and visual aids including:
    • General message board
    • White boards
    • Flip Charts
    • Maps
  • Establish a resting and sleeping space where UHV-EOC staff can take a break and make private calls.
  • Continue to monitor UHV-EOC operations and logistical needs during the time the UHV-EOC is operational.
  • Schedule UHV-EOC operations staffing in regular intervals, as required by the incident, to begin after the first operational period.