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Title IX and Equal Opportunity

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State Law and Related Data

UHV encourages individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct to seek support services. All employees are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct. Counselors in the UHV Counseling Center provide de-identified reports to maintain confidentiality of counseling sessions.

Read more below to learn more about your reporting obligations under Texas Senate Bill 212 (SB 212). If you have any other questions about SB 212 or related policies, please contact the Title IX and Equal Opportunity Office.

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SB 212 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Senate Bill 212 (SB 212)?

Am I required to report incidents that happen off campus?

Am I really required to report rumors?

How do I report incidents of sexual misconduct?

When should I report incidents of sexual misconduct?

What should I include in my report of sexual misconduct?

What happens if I inadvertently make an error in my report?

What should I expect to happen after I make a report?

What if I'm not sure whether the disclosure I received constitutes sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, or sexual assault?

What if the person who disclosed sexual misconduct to me requested confidentiality? 

What are the consequences for not reporting and/or knowingly making a false report?

If I believe someone has already reported the incident, do I still need to report it as well?

Am I required to report something disclosed to me in one of my classes, via a class assignment, in an email about other University services, etc.?

Are there any exempted employees from these requirements?

Which employees are designated by the UH System as Confidential Resource Employees?

What are my rights if someone accuses me of failing to report or knowingly making a false report?

Are there any additional reporting requirements?

Am I required to report incidents that occurred when a student was in high school or earlier?

What if I overhear two students talking about an alleged incident in the restroom? Do I really have to report that, too?

A student told me about an incident a month ago. Do I need to report that now? 

A student told me about an incident that occurred during a semester that they took off from school. Do I need to report that?

A student told me something happened to their friend, but I don't even know their friend's name or if they are affiliated with UHV. Do I need to report that?

Does this law apply to students and employees? A coworker told me that their spouse physically harmed them, and the spouse is not affiliated with UHV.

What if I witness a violent incident or believe someone is in imminent danger?


As of January 1, 2020, Texas universities are required to annually post online SB 212 reporting data. The data may not identify any person and must include:

For dates prior to the table below, visit the page for previous data.

Please see below for SB 212 reporting data for the University of Houston-Victoria from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, as well as explanatory notes:

Description Number from 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023 
Number of reports received under Section 51.252 39  (1)

Number of confidential reports under Section 51.252

Number of formal investigations conducted under Section 51.252 ---
Disposition of any disciplinary processes for reports under Section 51.252 --
  • Concluded, No Finding of Policy Violation
  • Concluded, with Employee Disciplinary Sanction
  • Concluded, with Student Disciplinary Sanction
  • Pending formal investigation

Number of reports under Section 51.252 for which the institution determined not to initiate a disciplinary process:

39  (1)
  •  Unidentified or unaffiliated respondent
  • Confidential report (unidentified complainant)
  • Insufficient information to investigate
18  (1)
  • Complainant requested no investigation
  • Other administrative closure or informal resolution
  • Preliminary investigation pending
Number of reports received that include allegations of an employee’s failure to report or who submits a false report to the institution under Section 51.255(a) (1)
Any disciplinary action taken, regarding failure to report or false reports to the institution under Section 51.255(c): --
  • Employee termination
  • Institutional intent to termination, in lieu of employee resignation 

*Any number listed in parentheses “()” indicates the matter(s) were originally included in a prior annual report, but concluded in the current year.

Notes on the table above:

Investigations: The Title IX Coordinator conducts a preliminary investigation into all reports received under Texas Education Code Section 51.252. A "formal investigation" indicates a formal complaint was filed, followed by a full investigation and disciplinary process, if applicable. A formal investigation is initiated when the complainant or University files a formal complaint against the respondent.  

Confidential reports: “Number of confidential reports” is a sub-set of the total number of reports. Confidential reports are provided in a non-identified format by a confidential employee or office (for example, a university health or counseling facility).

Dispositions: “Disposition” means “final result under the institution’s disciplinary process” as defined in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s rules for the Texas Education Code Section 51.259. Therefore, pending disciplinary processes will not be listed until the result is final.

No Finding of Violation: “No Finding of a Policy Violation” refers to instances where there is no finding of responsibility after a formal investigation and an appeal process.

Determination Not to Initiate Discipline Process: The reasons to not initiate a discipline process can include but are not limited to: administrative closure; insufficient information to investigate further; confidential employee reporting (no identifiable information for complainant); the respondent’s identity was unknown or not reported; the respondent was not university-affiliated; the complainant requested the university not investigate the report further; an informal resolution was completed; an investigation is ongoing; or the formal investigation was completed with no finding of a policy violation. 

Additional Information

University of Houston System Sexual Misconduct Policy.