University of Houston-Victoria

Title IX and Equal Opportunity

Sexual Misconduct and Related Policies

University of Houston System Sexual Misconduct Policy ("Sexual Misconduct Policy")

The University of Houston-Victoria strives to maintain and strengthen an educational, working, and living environment where students, faculty, staff and visitors are free from sex discrimination of any kind. The Sexual Misconduct Policy (see also HTML version) guides our management of the non-criminal reports, process, investigation, and resolution of complaints.

What is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual Misconduct constitutes a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX and Title VII. Under the policy, it includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, domestic (family) violence, dating violence, and stalking. The policy provides protections and services for UHV employees, students, and visitors for conduct that occurs on or off campus.

Reports or Complaints

Have you experienced any form of sexual misconduct as a student, employee or visitor to campus? If so, you may report a concern to the Title IX Coordinator to learn more about our policies and services. For students and employees, services are available even if the conduct occurred off campus or in the past.

In order for possible negative action to happen to an employee or student, you may complete the Complaint Form to have your complaint formally investigated. 

To learn more about the difference between reports and complaints, visit the Reports Frequently Asked Questions page.

Salutations (Student Online Training)

All new students (undergraduate and graduate) must complete Salutations online training. The training informs students of their rights, responsibilities, and resources. New students receive an email with instructions to complete the training. To access the training, visit the Training Access Portal.

We encourage student groups to get involved and work with us to stop, prevent, and remedy any sex discrimination on campus. Contact the Title IX Office to find out how you can help.

Mandatory Employee Face-to-Face Training

All employees who work on or live near UHV campuses are required to attend face-to-face training on sexual misconduct reporting duties. The training also provides guidance on trauma-informed responses to a report of sexual misconduct. To learn more about this training, contact the Title IX Coordinator at (361)570-4835 or email Rebecca Lake. To check your employee training records, contact UHV Training Coordinator at (361)570-4366 or email Eunice Mesa. This training is in addition to online training requirements.

University of Houston System Consensual Relationship Policy ("Consensual Relationship Policy")

The Consensual Relationship Policy (see also HTML version) prohibits inappropriate consensual relationships between an employee (staff, faculty or student employees) and an individual that the employee has responsibility as part of their job duties to teach, instruct, manage, supervise, advise, counsel, oversee, grade, coach, train, treat or evaluate. If you have a concern related to this policy, you may contact the Title IX Coordinator at (361)570-4835 or email Rebecca Lake