University of Houston-Victoria

Student Billing

Residential Meal Plans

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan offers students 19 meals per week plus $200 Jag Bucks dollars and 5 guest passes.  All unused meals expire at the end of each semester.


Red Plan 

The Red Plan offers students 160 meals per semester plus $200 Jag Bucks dollars and 5 guest passes.  All unused meals expire at the end of each semester. 


Jag Bucks Plan (Junior, Senior, & Graduate Students) 

The Jag Bucks Plan includes $300 Jag Bucks dollars.  This meal plan is a required purchase for residential students who have met the meal plan requirements of the Gold and/or Red Plans.            


Note:  All Jag Bucks associated to the Gold Plan, Red Plan and Jag Bucks Plan will expire at the end of the Spring semester; Jag Bucks are nonrefundable.    


Meal Plan Requirements

  • Effective Fall 2020, all students residing at Jaguar Village properties will be required to purchase a meal plan.   
  • Freshman students are required to live in student housing and purchase the Gold Plan.  For meal plan purposes, students who earned college credit before high school graduation are considered a Freshman student upon entrance into UHV.  Gold Plan charges are automatically posted to the student's account prior to the published Jaguar Village move in date or upon move in for students submitting a housing application during the late registration period.          
  • Sophomore students living in student housing are required to purchase a meal plan but have the option to choose either the Gold or Red Plan.

Please contact Student Billing at (361) 570-4833, email, or visit the Student Billing Office, located in the University West Building, Room 117 (Campus Maps) for questions regarding the residential meal plans.