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Research and Sponsored Programs

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Research and Sponsored Program Services

Pre-Award Services Post Award Services
  • Identify funding opportunities
  • Locating sample funded proposals
  • Liaison with program officer
  • Grant development advice
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Proposal editing
  • Letters of support or endorsement
  • Review proposals for program requirements and conformity with federal, state, and UHV policies
  • Budget development
  • Submit proposals
  • Training




  • Negotiate awards and contracts
  • Train faculty/staff on post-award administration
  • Create Departmental Notice of Award (NOA)
  • Create budget journals to setup the grant cost center according to the approved budget
  • Approve all sponsored program expenditures documents (payroll, vouchers, travel, etc.) to ensure compliance with regulations established by Federal and State law, agency regulations, and University policies and procedures.
  • Create time and effort certifications
  • Request drawdowns
  • Ensures payments are received from funding agency and reconcile accounts receivable
  • Process budget revisions
  • Process No-cost extensions
  • Process program change requests
  • Financial reporting to awarding agency
  • Complete and submit closeout documents to agency (final financial, invention and equipment reports)