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Standard Room Sizes

SECTION: Index A – General

SUBJECT: A-17  ASSIGNMENT AND USE OF SPACE: Reference Tables of Standard Room Sizes

Office (310)
Space/Appointment TypeRoom Criteria Range (NSF)Space Size Options 
Provost and VP 300 SF 20x15
Dean, Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents 180-240 SF 10x18, 12x18, 15x16, 20x12
Director, Associate Deans, Chairs 150-170 SF 10x15, 10x17
Professional Staff, Full-Time Admin, Full Time Faculty, Full Time Post Doc's 120 SF 10x12
Adjunct/Work Stations 36 SF-80 SF Cubicle: 6x6, 6x8, 8x8, 8x10
Open Office 56-68 SF 8x7, 8x8, 8x8.5
Office Services (315)
Space/Appointment TypeRoom Criteria Range (NSF)
Work Room (print, supplies, etc.) 180-150 each
Conference Rooms (350)
Space/Appointment TypeRoom Criteria Range (NSF)SF/Person 
Huddle Room 120 SF (seats 4-6 people) 20 SF/Person
Medium Conference Room 240 SF (seats 12 people) 20 SF/Person
Large Conference Room 360 SF (seats 18 people) 20 SF/Person
Classrooms (110)
Space/Appointment TypeRoom Criteria Range (NSF)SF/Person 
Classroom-Fixed Furniture 1,000 SF (seats 50 students) 20 SF/Student
Classroom-Moveable Furniture 1,250 SF (seats 50 students) 25 SF/Student
Classroom-Collaborative 1,500 SF (seats 50 students) 30 SF/Student