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Assignment and Use of Space

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Assignment of space is for a specific use and is usually made to a department. All changes in the use or classification of space and all reassignment of space from one department to another must be made by the President or his/her designee. Modification, renovation, or other changes to site, physical plant or landscape require the approval of the President or his/her designee. The President has delegated to the Registrar the assignment of all instructional space (i.e., general purpose classrooms, teaching laboratories, and lecture auditoria) for specific classes.


Processing Of Space Requests

All requests for changes in assignment or use of space, leasing of space, or requests for renovation or construction of space, are to be initiated in writing by the department requesting the changes.

Requests for renovation and/or construction should be forwarded to the President or his/her designee for approval only if funds for the project are available within a departmental budget.

Types Of Space Requests

The following list provides guidelines concerning types of changes that require the approval of the President or his/her designee:

  • Change in the use of space within existing buildings (e.g., changing use of a room from a classroom to an office)
  • Reassignment of use of space from one department to another.
  • Assignment of all space within new buildings or buildings that have been vacant and are being reoccupied.
  • Renovations or changes in physical characteristics of buildings, or rooms with buildings. This applies to permanent, temporary, or leased buildings.
  • Change in use of institutional land.
  • Leasing of any institutional buildings or land.
  • Leasing by the institution of any non-institutional buildings or land.


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