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B-17 Reporting Financial Information

Section: Fiscal
Index: B-17


The University of Houston-Victoria provides various types of financial information to governmental entities and other external parties. It is the University’s intent that any financial information released is accurate, complete and in agreement with the official university financial records.

This policy complies with UH System Administrative Memorandum 03.A.22, Reporting Financial Accounting Information to External Parties, establishing procedures and guidelines to ensure the integrity of financial information provided to external parties.


External Parties: Includes both governmental entities and non-governmental entities that are not formally recognized as an operating unit of the University of Houston-System (UHS).

Financial Information: Historical financial information recorded in the official UHS financial accounting system.


The Vice President for Administration and Finance, University of Houston-Victoria, has designated the UHV Sr. Director, Finance Department, as the person responsible for the implementation of this document.

The Sr. Director of Finance may delegate the responsibility for collecting financial accounting information to an appropriate subordinate or may request that the appropriate school, division, or department prepare the information for review.

Any financial information prepared by a school, division, or department of the University of Houston-Victoria for distribution to an external party shall be reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and integrity by the UHV Sr. Director of Finance prior to distribution to the external party. The UHV Sr. Director of Finance shall provide a memorandum of attestation to the appropriate school, division, or department certifying that the financial information has been reviewed for accuracy and is in compliance with this policy prior to release to the external party.

As required by UH System Administrative Memorandum 09.A.01, Governmental Relations Communications and Appearances, System-wide financial information requests prepared for external parties shall be coordinated through the office of the UHS Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or designee.

Financial information assembled in conjunction with an investigation may be excluded from these requirements as deemed necessary by a Campus Police Department, UHS Internal Auditing or the UHS Office of General Counsel.



Approved By:

Signature Obtained 05/05/2023
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.

Next Review Date: May 2028 (5 years)
Origination: Finance Department