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Index B: Fiscal

Policy Subject Effective
B-01 Expenditures and Use of Funds 05/31/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-02 Expenditure/Revenue Reallocations,  Reimbursements or Corrections 05/31/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-04 Budget Transfer Procedures 10/25/22 10/2027 Budget Department
B-05 Out of Cycle Budget Requests 10/31/22 10/2027 Budget Department
B-06 Cash Funds and Cash/Payment Card Handling 05/05/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-07 Change Funds 05/05/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-08 Acquisition of Capital Equipment 05/03/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-09 Entertainment, Discretionary and Reimbursement of other Business Related Expenses 11/08/19   Finance Department
B-11 Manually Produced Checks 05/31/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-12 Fiscal Year Closing 05/31/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-13 Bad Debt Write-Off 05/31/23 05/2028 Finance Office
B-14 Sales/Use Taxes, Etc. 05/05/23 05/2028 Finance Department
B-16 Athletic Program Per Diem 02/08/18   Athletics
B-17 Reporting Financial Information 05/05/23 05/2028 Finance 
B-18 Tuition, fees and other charges 
Retired - replaced by SAM 03.A.29
11/23/15   Vice President, Administration and Finance