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In certain types of emergencies, attempts will be made to notify students. For purposes of this policy, emergencies are defined as those that involve a death, illness, injury, accident, or a threat to a student’s livelihood or property.


  • A student’s ill or injured child requires parental consent for treatment.
  • A family or household member is injured or ill.
  • A student’s employer calls regarding a business emergency where the student’s job may depend on his or her response.


  • Student emergency messages received by the campus switchboard or other campus office should be transferred to Student Affairs.

  • Student Affairs personnel will:

    • Determine whether the situation is an emergency, as defined by this policy.
    • Attempt to determine the student’s location and deliver the message.
    • Communicate with the switchboard or campus office whether the message was delivered or not.

Transmitting Emergency Messages

All student emergency messages received by the Student Affairs are handled as follows:

The message, name and telephone number of the person calling is taken;

Student Affairs' staff will check on the location of the student and then deliver the message if possible;

Student Affairs' staff will telephone the caller if the message cannot be delivered or the student cannot be located.