University of Houston-Victoria

Financial Aid

Consortium Agreements (Co-Enrolled Hours)

Can I receive financial aid for taking hours at another institution at the same time I am enrolled at UHV?

It is possible if the other institution (host institution) has a consortium agreement signed with UHV. A consortium agreement will allow UHV to combine hours enrolled at UHV and the host institution. The cost of attendance and enrollment status will reflect the total hours for the term.  The student must be enrolled at least 3 hours with UHV concurrently. Host institution classes can only be included if they fall between the start and end dates of the classes you are enrolled at UHV.  Be advised that some institutional aid will only consider UHV hours for eligibility purposes.

Do I need to submit a consortium agreement every semester I’m co-enrolled?

Yes. A student must submit a new agreement form every fall, spring, and summer semester when he/she is co-enrolled.

UHV has a consortium agreement at the following institutions:

We also have an agreement with the other UH system institutions:

The consortium agreement process is as follows:

  • The student must take courses at the Host Institution which are transferable towards their degree plan or be enrolled in remedial course(s) that increases the student’s ability to pursue his/her program of study. This does not apply to Virtual College of Texas (VCT) courses.
  • The student must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at UHV making satisfactory academic progress as specified by the UHV Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.
  • Submit all required documents:
    • A copy of the itemized charges and payment receipt or proof of a payment plan from the participating institution. Financial aid cannot process the consortium agreement until the student can provide proof of such financial commitment.
    • A copy of the class schedule from the participating institution.
  • Make independent arrangements for payment of enrollment expenses at the Host Institution. UHV does not pay your tuition at the host institution.
  • The student cannot receive federal aid at multiple institutions at the same time. Any aid at the host school must be canceled before aid can be received at UHV.
  • Your academic advisor must sign the consortium agreement verifying the courses will be necessary for your degree plan before Financial Aid can process the document.