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Curriculum and Student Achievement

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Purpose of the Core Curriculum

At UHV, we believe in promoting an educational environment that places the learner at the center of our efforts.  We believe in the ability of each individual student to explore their worth and potential. We value critical thinking and creative expression while advocating an appreciation of cultural diversity. We believe in a learning environment that is predicated upon strong ethical principles while creating an atmosphere that fosters development of integrity, values, and knowledge.

The primary purpose of the Core Curriculum at UHV is intellectual development. Providing a strong basis for conceptual problem-solving across the curriculum, our core courses facilitate the development of the skills to analyze, interpret, and evaluate information while encouraging questions and independent thinking.  In addition, the core courses broaden and deepen the understanding of our students in terms of interpersonal relationships, diversity, humanities and culture, ethics, and scientific and quantitative reasoning.

At UHV, our Core Curriculum

We measure the success of our Core Curriculum by our ability to

If you are a student and wish to learn more about what courses are required to complete the Core Curriculum, check out the Academic Catalog, under the section of 'Bachelor's Degree Requirements' or 'Master's Degree Requirements'.

Faculty who wish to propose new core courses or change an existing course may do so by visiting the Curriculum Development on the UHV intranet. There you will also find information about Core Assessment Rubrics.


Core Curriculum

State law requires that all University of Houston-Victoria students complete a general education Core Curriculum of 42 semester credit hours that serves as a broad foundation for the undergraduate degree. UH-Victoria’s 42-hour core curriculum is based on a series of basic intellectual competencies--reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and computer literacy—that are essential to the learning process in any discipline. The University’s Core Curriculum requirements are described in the sections that follow. These requirements must be met by every student pursuing a baccalaureate degree program at UH-Victoria, regardless of his or her major.

NOTE: SCH = Semester Credit Hours

10 Communication

20 Mathematics 

30 Life and Physical Sciences *Note: Some degree plans require a lab course.

40 Literature, Philosophy and Culture

50 Creative Arts

60 American History

70 Government/Political Science

80 Social and Behavioral Science

90 Component Area Option