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Prospective State Employee

Section: Travel Index: F-07
Subject: Prospective State Employee


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the policies and procedures governing the reimbursement of travel expenses of prospective employees. A prospective state employee is an individual who has incurred travel related expenses when invited to visit the UH-Victoria campus for the purpose of being interviewed for a position vacancy.  Travel related expenses will only be reimbursed for prospective state employees applying for advertised benefits eligible positions and traveling a distance of 100 miles or more roundtrip.

Prospective employees will be expected to follow the same travel guidelines as UHV employees, including the submission of a travel voucher with the required documentation.  See UHV Policy F-05, Travel Arrangements.

Prospective state employees are to be reimbursed at the same reimbursement rate as regular state employees; see UHV Policy F-01, Reimbursement of Travel.

Questions should be directed to the Finance Department prior to any commitments of university funds.


The following procedures must be followed for prospective employees:

  • When prospective employees are invited for interviews, they must be informed that they will have to pay all of their expenses and be reimbursed after the interview is completed;  however, the Department Head has the discretion to make airline, lodging and rental car travel arrangements for the candidate using the department travel card. For airline travel, the university's authorized designated travel agency must be used unless documentation is provided with the travel voucher showing that the other vendor is more cost effective.  For rental cars, the state-contracted car rental agency should generally be used; see UHV Policy F-02, Business Use of Vehicles.
  • The department interviewing the prospective employee is responsible for communicating the University‚Äôs procedures and documentation standards to the prospective employee if they will make their own travel arrangements and seek reimbursement.
  • The department interviewing the prospective employee must complete a Travel Request Form for the prospective employee. Assistance in estimating travel costs can be obtained in the Finance Department.
  • Only the prospective employee's travel expenses will be reimbursed unless spousal expenses have been approved by the President. Travel expenses for the spouse of a prospective employee can be paid only from local funds.
  • Official travel reimbursable expenses generally include airline, lodging, rental car or taxi, rental car fuel, food, all taxes and local telephone calls. Long distance telephone calls, personal entertainment expenses and alcohol are not reimbursable.
  • Prospective employees are not exempt from hotel occupancy taxes; so all taxes paid should be entered when completing the travel voucher.
  • Once the prospective employee arrives at UHV, they must sign all the necessary forms required for reimbursement (Travel Expense Report Form, Mileage Only Reporting Form, and the forms required for vendor setup; see the UH Vendor Setup Page). The prospective employee must be informed that it may take at least 30 days for reimbursement. (Supporting Documents)
  • After the prospective employee completes the interview, copies of all necessary receipts (transportation, lodging, etc.) must be sent to the department travel contact. The prospective employee should be provided with a return envelope for this purpose. Upon receipt of the required documentation, the department travel contact will complete the travel voucher for reimbursement. The voucher must include a daily itemization of incurred expenses.


Comments / Questions

If you have any questions and/or comments regarding this policy, you may contact the Finance Department directly.


Supporting Documents

  1. UHV Policy F-01, Reimbursement of Travel
  2. UHV Policy F-02, Business Use of Vehicles
  3. UHV Policy F-05, Travel Arrangements
  4. UH Vendor Setup Page
  5. Finance Travel Expense Reimbursement Information  (Available on UHV Intranet)
  6. UHV Travel Request Form  (Available on UHV Intranet)
  7. Travel Expense Report Form  (Available on UHV Intranet)
  8. Mileage Only Reporting Form  (Available on UHV Intranet)


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Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.

Next Review Date:   02/2023
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