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Posting of Notices

Section: Student Services Index: Index: D-8 
Subject: Posting Of Materials


The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) allows the posting and distribution of information of general interest to students. However, posting or distribution of material at UHV does not imply endorsement or liability for material contents on the part of the University.


The following procedures apply to community and UHV departmental student or organization materials posted or distributed at UHV. University employees can post or distribute UHV materials of interest to students with supervisor (dean or director) and Marketing & Communications (M&C) approval. Employees are responsible for removing materials when they are no longer relevant.

Community materials must be sent to Student Life and Services (SLS) or M&C for approval.  SLS or M&C will approve and post community materials.  All UHV student organization materials must be sent to SLS for initial approval.  Both SLS and M&C will approve student organization materials.  After appropriate approvals, materials will be posted or distributed by the originating student organization.

All marketing materials to be displayed on the poster bars must be 11x17” vertically aligned.  Materials may not be posted or distributed if they are obscene, libelous, or advocate the deliberate violation of a federal or state law or published university policy. Materials may not be posted or distributed on exterior fixtures of any sort, or on vehicles. Materials also cannot be posted in areas such as glass doors to buildings, hall walls, bathrooms, and inside classrooms unless prior consent is given by Marketing & Communications. 

Unapproved postings will be removed by SLS or M&C personnel.  Any posting that is more than one month old will be taken down unless prior arrangements are made with SLS or M&C. 

UHV employees and student organizations wanting to post or distribute their materials at the UHV Katy Campus must go through the approval processes noted above. For more information about the posting and/or distribution of community, UHV departmental or student organization materials at the UHV Katy Campus, contact the Director of Services in Room 3-04 or at (281)396-3780. 

General questions can be directed to SLS at (361)485-4411 or Marketing & Communications at (361)570-4341. 


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Raymond V. Morgan, Jr., Ph.D.





Originating Department: Student Life & Services, Marketing & Communications
Next Review Date: November, 2021